Social Impact Explanatory Cards

What is this for?

These cards present you the 17 SDGs and 100+ related targets in a handy and convenient way. Use these cards to get familiar with the SDG’s and get an initial understanding of how your business challenge could contribute to them. 

Step 1

Look at the overview of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Step 2

Select the SDGs that represent the focus of your challenge. You will hold yourself accountable to actively contribute to these SDGs by creating positive impact or reducing negative impact. 

Step 3

Deep-dive by reading all targets related to the SDGs that are core for your challenge. 

Step 4

Select the targets you can concretely contribute to, through your challenge. 

An online tool

We have also developed this as an online tool in Miro, that you can copy and use interactively.

When you download the tool, you will receive an email with the Miro board.

Social impact Explanatory Cards

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