KUKA Innovation Robotics AI

Redefining robotics at KUKA

Join us as we unpack the evolving landscape of robotics and the integral role of AI in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in automation.

Together with Ulrike Tagscherer, Chief Innovation Officer at KUKA, we dive into the changing dynamics of human and robot collaboration. 

KUKA is a global leader in robotics and automation technology, driving digitization in industry.

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The insiders

Partner & Head of Global Partnerships, Board of Innovation

Vincent is a global partner at Board of Innovation and has 10+ years experience in building consumer goods strategies for leading organizations across the USA and Europe. With a background in innovation management, Vincent co-founded Board of Innovation in the US before moving back to his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. He thrives in developing partnerships with ambitious brands and, together, tackling their complex challenges.

Chief Innovation Officer, KUKA

Ulrike Tagscherer is the Chief Innovation Officer at KUKA AG. She is a seasoned Senior Executive, Innovation Strategist, and Transformation Champion with a rich background in enhancing organizational innovation, driving growth, and bolstering competitive advantage through strategic insights and recommendations.

With years of experience navigating the intersection of technology and business, Ulrike excels in developing ecosystems and strategies for technology-driven products, advocating for investment in innovation, and adapting to market changes.

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JUNE 5 & 6