Delivering better every day health

Delivering better every day health with Nick Tate from Haleon

In this episode, Nick Tate, Head of NEXT – Haleon’s innovation arm, shares his perspective on the success criteria for launching new products and brands in consumer healthcare.

Haleon is one of the world’s leading consumer health businesses, owning category leading brands like Nicorette, Advil, Voltaren and Sonsodyne.

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The insiders

Partner & Head of Global Partnerships, Board of Innovation

Vincent is a global partner at Board of Innovation and has 10+ years experience in building consumer goods strategies for leading organizations across the USA and Europe. With a background in innovation management, Vincent co-founded Board of Innovation in the US before moving back to his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. He thrives in developing partnerships with ambitious brands and, together, tackling their complex challenges.

VP & Head of NEXT, Haleon's disruptive innovation arm

A creative, human-first and strategically focused global business and marketing leader with a diverse background across numerous consumer problems, industries and businesses. 

Nick launched multiple new health brands and partnered with billion dollar brands with the ambition to change everyday health. He has a background that blends Brand Marketing and innovation leadership roles in leading corporates.

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