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Innovation Accelerator

Validate your new business ideas and develop sustainable business models at start-up speed.

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What is an innovation accelerator?

An accelerator is a program to de-risk your innovation.

You’ll develop, test, and grow new business ideas in a sandbox environment. Teams collaborate virtually following a structured approach designed to bring new products or services to market at start-up speed.

We’ve organized hundreds of corporate accelerators and no two are alike. Our experts tailor each program for our clients depending on their business objectives. 


Why run an innovation accelerator?

Business impact

Accelerate key strategic projects and validate which will drive business growth. 

Customer insights

Uncover insights and the purchasing behaviors of your current market and new markets to grow into.

Capability building

Build the foundational capabilities on your team to run end-to-end innovation projects.

Board of Innovation helped us run a virtual accelerator to quickly test and validate new business ideas. Their structured process and hands-on support allowed us to make some evidence based decisions and launch a number of new projects that we believe will generate significant business impact.
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How it works

The Accelerator Journey

1. Scope the challenge and set up the team for success

  • Define a clear business challenge
  • Size the market opportunity
  • Set-up a multi-disciplenary team
  • Allign on investment criteria with internal stakeholders

2. Explore and validate the customer problem

  • Define segments & personas
  • Map current state customer journey
  • Design a stakeholder & ecosystem map
  • Validate problem hypotheses

3. Prototype and test multiple solutions

  • Explore existing solutions
  • Ideate different approaches
  • Map future state customer journey
  • Prototype and test selected concepts with customers

4. Define and test a sustainable business model

  • Map different business models and revenue streams
  • Develop a ball-park business case
  • Validate key viability hypotheses with customers 

5. Build a go-to-market plan

  • Synthesise all learnings in a compelling storyline
  • Build an actionable go-to-market plan 
  • Secure necessary investment from internal stakeholders

More info?

Get a detailed journey map tailored to your business concept.

Working remotely?

We’ve been advocates for the value and opportunities of remote collaboration for years, so when the world changed and become low touch, we were ready to delight our clients, helping them to rapidly adapt and keep achieving business impact. Our approach is not to try to simply replace face-to-face, but to take advantage of all the opportunities virtual collaboration has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to convert a face-to-face project to all-remote, or you’re tackling a business challenge and need to find new ways to reach outcomes quickly via remote, we have extensive experience in creating and refining all-remote trainings, coaching, strategy, validation and much more. For remote projects we’ve found it particular important to focus on communication, collaboration, and of course impact creation.

Discover more about our approach

Receive detailed information and tailored examples from your industry.
Get in contact with one of our experts.

Client cases

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Securing new profitable innovation growth whilst developing an intrapreneurial innovation culture and mindset.

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From innovation strategy to corporate accelerators: 360° innovation support for Engie.

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