Meet the tech pioneers joining the Autonomous Innovation summit

The Autonomous Innovation Summit, Dec 6th – 7th 2023 will discover how AI is revolutionizing the very fabric of innovation. It’s your chance to join masterclasses, keynotes, Q&As and workshops with the brightest minds at the intersection of AI, tech, business strategy, and creative thinking.

And have we got some exciting speakers on the line-up! From the largest tech companies in the world, to AI startups.

Check out which tech pioneers you can meet and learn from, and what topics they’re going to discuss.

Big tech speakers

Jim Kelly, Garage Lead @ Microsoft

Microsoft on AI-powered Innovation Hackathon
Dec 6th - 15.15 - 16.00 CET

Jim is an Innovation and Enablement Leader, Strategist and Product Manager. Leading The Garage, Jim drives a culture of innovation at Microsoft.  

With Microsoft being OpenAI’s largest shareholder, its biggest financial backer and its key technology partner, Microsoft is leading in AI.

The Garage is a global program that fosters a culture of innovation for all Microsoft employees, and runs the largest private Hackathon globally. Join Jim as he shares the experience from running AI-powered Innovation Hackathons at Microsoft.

Johan Hanekom

Johan Hanekom, Principal for Sustainability and Innovation @ Amazon Web Services

Sustainably Innovating with AI
Dec 6th - 16.00 - 16.20 CET

Johan is the Principal for Sustainability and Innovation at Amazon Web Services.

He is an expert on strategy, innovation, and growth, emphasising corporate entrepreneurship. A proven business leader in building successful startups and accelerating the growth of well-established businesses in highly competitive international markets.

Johan’s focus is on – in addition to Amazon’s overarching commitments towards net zero, 100% renewables, The Climate Pledge and the Fund – to work with high ambition pathfinders, changemakers, forward-looking leaders who want to unlock the multi-trillion dollar value of sustainability through Technology, Innovation, People & Planet (TIPP).

Join Johan as he discusses how to sustainably and responsibly innovate using AI.

Myriam Broeders, Chief Technology Director @ Microsoft

Microsoft's Strategy in AI
Dec 7th - 15.15 - 15.45 CET

Myriam is CTO and responsible for the sustainability strategy at Microsoft Belgium & Luxembourg and was recently awarded as one of the InspiringFifty Women in Tech 2022.
Get insights and learnings from Microsoft as Myriam discusses Microsoft’s strategy in AI, and how they go about harnessing the power of AI across the business.
Miku Jha

Miku Jha, Director AI/ML and Generative AI @ Google Cloud

Operationalizing Generative AI: from Proof of Concept to Production
Dec 7th - 20.00 - 20.30 CET

Miku is a technology executive, serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, 3x founder, startup advisor, and right now drives all things AI at Google Cloud.
Miku is passionate about applying AI responsibly to solve complex problems in a meaningful way, and her focus with Google Cloud is on strategically shaping, influencing, and constructing next-generation AI solutions for planet-wide deployments, revolutionizing businesses with quantifiable results.
As a technology entrepreneur and a product executive, Miku has vast experience with building and leading product initiatives from 0 to 1 – from concept to early adoption to scale across her own startups and organizations such as IBM, VMware. 
Join Miku as she discusses how to operationalize generative AI in product creation and management – from proof of concept to production.

AI startup founders and leaders

Jose Zea, CEO @ Arkangel AI

How AI is Turning Healthcare Processes Upside Down
Dec 6th - 16.00 - 16.20 CET

Jose is the CEO and Co-founder of Arkangel AI, helping healthcare organizations to unlock the power of artificial intelligence with a no-code platform that builds, deploys, and manages machine learning algorithms at scale.

Arkangel has already been used to solve global healthcare challenges by the likes of Novartis and Unicef.

In his session, Jose will discuss how AI is turning healthcare processes upside down, and the potential of AI-powered healthcare.

Gary Brotman, CEO @ Secondmind AI

Navigating the Hype Curve: Pragmatic Perspectives on AI in the Automotive Sector
Dec 6th - 18.05 - 18.25 CET

Gary is a passionate product and technology evangelist who leads Secondmind AI as Chief Executive Officer. He has 20+ years of experience leading teams responsible for building and commercializing product and service lines for leading Fortune 500 companies and startups with machine learning, mobility, and media at their core.
Gary joined Secondmind from Qualcomm, Technologies, Inc. where as Head of AI Strategy and Product Planning he led the productization of the first four generations of the Qualcomm AI Engine across the company’s Snapdragon SoC platforms for Mobile, Automotive and IoT. 
Join Gary as he shares his perspective on AI in the automotive sector.
Pol Baladas

Pol Baladas, CEO @ Fermat

Ideation & Creativity Augmented With Collaborative AI
Dec 7th - 17.00 - 17.20 CET

Pol is the founder & CEO of a collaborative whiteboard to use & create your own AI tools. Pol’s obsession is enabling everyone from artists to consultants to create their own software tools and share them with their peers. He believes that AI can help do for every creative department what Excel did for finance in the 80s.

An independent HCI designer & engineer, previously the founder of one of the largest edtech sites in Spain.

Join Pol in an engaging session on how AI augments ideation and creativity.

Hugo Alves

Hugo Alves, Chief Product Officer @ Synthetic Users

A Product That Creates Products: A (Synthetic) Roadmap
Dec 7th - 17.40 - 18.00 CET

Hugo Alves shifted from psychology lab management to startup product management, leveraging his experience with human emotions and challenges in research.

He is the Chief Product Officer at  Synthetic Users – a product that simulates user interviews by tapping into the advanced generative capabilities of GPT models. Hugo’s session will dive into a future where a product, driven by empathetic and enriched AI, navigates autonomously from a simple intent — like wanting to assist those experiencing loneliness — through to a fully realized solution.

Join Hugo as he explores a future where products, shaped by nuanced human emotional understanding and innovative technology, autonomously steer the journey from idea to business. All sparked by our innate human desire to aid and connect.

Dom Heinrich, Co-founder @ Creative AI Academy & Assistant Professor AI Design @ Pratt Institute

Leading and Designing in the Age of AI
Dec 7th - 18.00 - 18.30 CET

Dom has built, managed, and led highly diverse world-class design, AI, and innovation teams globally for the last two decades.

Dom is a faculty member of PRATT University, lecturing AI in Digital Design and Design Business, and is the Co-founder of Creative AI Academy – an AI education and consulting service, upskilling organizations, their leaders and teams to create the Human-AI Relationship.

Dom’s session will address how we design for behavioral shifts – both human and machine shifts, and will address how business  leaders can create a culture in which humans can efficiently collaborate with AI. 

Join us at the Autonomous Innovation Summit as we discover radically better ways to innovate, using AI.

This is more than a summit; it’s a launchpad for leaders who aspire to shape the future rather than react to it. Engage with experts, share insights, and emerge with a blueprint for your own journey.

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Join us at our virtual Autonomous Innovation Summit  to discover how AI is changing the way we innovate, operate and design – and how businesses can transform to thrive in this autonomous world.



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