Dimensional design webinar: designing for your future consumers

Webinar | Sep 13th | 4pm SGP / 10am CEST & 4pm CEST / 10am EDT
Segmenting people is a tricky game, and a modern approach is long overdue. Our new Dimensional Design framework offers a new approach to grouping people.

In this webinar we will guide you to how to use the new framework to dive behind the triggers that shape human behavior, facilitating the predictions on how they might engage with your product, service, or business in the future.

Here's what we'll cover

How to future-cast your view of the consumer, so your products, services and businesses will meet future consumer needs.
Using the Dimensional Design framework to build empathetic and human centric understanding across the dimensions and apply learnings as you co-create solutions for people.
Webinar hosts

Aidan Lethem

Business Designer

Carol Menezes

Sr. Business Designer & Strategist

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