At-home care and diagnosis for women’s health

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Healthcare digital innovation is rapidly gaining steam and, as a result, the expectations of patients and clinicians have shifted: the center of gravity for care delivery is moving away from hospitals and clinics towards truly person-centered care. With this shift we are seeing an emergence of home-based care and diagnostic services that leverage digital technology to serve patients from the comfort of their own home.

During this webinar, we want to unpack what this trend could mean for women’s health. Historically, women have been underrepresented and underserved in medicine. We have invited a panel of experts in women’s health - including academics, medical doctors, and startup founders - to discuss how at-home care and diagnostics might address existing barriers and equity gaps for women in health.

Here's what you'll learn

Why we’re seeing a push towards at-home healthcare and diagnosis for women.
We discuss what challenges and equity gaps are being addressed with the move towards innovative, home-based diagnostics and therapies
What are the greatest roadblocks in this space and how are leaders tackling them.
We unpack the breadth of hurdles that are stifling innovation today - including clinical, cultural, and regulatory blockers - and learn how leaders are circumventing these barriers to reach consumers
Where we see the future of at-home care and diagnostics heading.

We hear what the future might look like for women’s health as home-based innovation gains ground across the healthcare ecosystem.
The panelists
Tamra Downing
Principal Consultant at Board of Innovation


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JUNE 5 & 6