Innovation strategy sprint.

Your industry is changing rapidly. Which innovation strategy will help you stay ahead of the curve?


How can innovation help your organization grow?

Industries are being disrupted. Digitalization is forcing even the strongest market leaders to accelerate. Traditional strategy consulting is playing catch-up. In this scenario, we are helping large organizations think ahead.

Board of Innovation supports many leading organizations as they shape and execute their growth and innovation strategies. 

Based on our extensive experience, we have developed an innovation strategy sprint to help you take the next leap. We aim for impact. We can help you translate your growth mission into action by delivering an innovation plan. 


A robust innovation blueprint.


Shape a powerful
growth mission

We help you look outside the box by turning inspiration into a concrete innovation mission statement. A structured innovation framework lays down the groundwork for your future growth.


Innovation efforts are often scattered across the organization. Using tools like the innovation matrix and the horizons of innovation, we help you focus on the activities that will have the most impact on your business.

Design an actionable
innovation plan

It is essential to turn your innovation mission statement into an actionable innovation plan. This plan is the blueprint for the execution of your new initiative.


Assessment of your
Innovation culture

Together with key stakeholders, we map out the organization’s innovation culture and discover the context, challenges, and opportunities that will enable you to realize your innovation strategy.

Evaluate your
Innovation Capability

Developing innovation capabilities requires multiple elements. People, processes, programs, and profit are essential for the long-term success of your innovation strategy.  


Playbook of
Innovation Tools

Our library of playbooks gives everyone access to the right methodologies, tools, and processes. 
From startup investment guides to co-creation playbooks, we help you build new innovation capability.

Program overview

How do you develop an innovation strategy?


Our experience designing and running strategic innovation for corporations like GE, ING, Philips, Roche, and other market leaders has shown us that traditional strategy is outdated.
We believe innovation strategy development is an iterative process of shaping and executing. We will help you shape your innovation strategy using a focused sprint method, allowing you to decide and execute faster.

Explore opportunities and new areas for growth. Inspire your organization with relevant cases, future scenarios, and sample business models.

  • Conduct research both within your industry and outside it to look for signals of disruption and opportunities for growth
  • Use stakeholder interviews to gain early insight into current innovation activities and challenges


  • Overview of key market trends and drivers for change
  • Map of current innovation activities
  • Insight into your innovation archetype

During a 1-day session, we will inspire key stakeholders with successful cases, then create an innovation mission statement and sketch out the first strategy.

The day ends with a deep dive into the key elements that make up an innovation strategy.


  • Aligned innovation mission
  • First strategy sketch/framework
  • Overview of the key drivers of change/growth
  • Innovation mission statement and DNA
  • Portfolio mapping on the horizons model
  • List of activities for growth
  • List of innovation strategy cases

Here is an overview of some key elements of innovation capability:

  • People: How will we select and develop the right mindset and team?
  • Process: How can we use our resources most effectively?  
  • Program governance: How will we organize ourselves (e.g. external acquisition vs. internal development)?
  • Profit: How will we keep track of the impact of innovation?

During a 1-day session, we craft a tailored innovation strategy blueprint that turns your mission into actions. This includes refining the framework, selecting innovation initiatives, and mapping an initial “governance structure”. We will set clear goals and metrics for each activity to ensure its impact. Throughout the rest of the sprint, we’ll iteratively refine it with key decision-makers.


Structured innovation blueprint containing:

  • Overview of all future innovation initiatives
  • Key elements to build your innovation capability
  • Suggested organization and governance model
  • Game plan for execution
  • Overview of needed resources
  • Innovation metrics to measure the impact

Using the output of the “Define” session, Board of Innovation refines the innovation blueprint and co-creates a pitch for the final go/no-go decision with the key stakeholders.


  • C-level buy-in on the innovation strategy
  • Go/no-go decision on implementing suggested innovation initiatives
  • Clear action plan for execution

We help you execute the innovation blueprint and take your first steps toward a future-proof organization by building innovation capabilities through concrete projects.

  • Execute and support the programs via planning, facilitation, and research
  • Monitor the results and innovation KPIs
  • Evaluate programs and act according to build-measure-learn principles
  • Collaborative session to improve the programs for future runs


  • Executed innovation initiatives
  • First business results
  • Innovation governance in place

Shaping your innovation strategy

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Client cases

Trusted by Fortune 500 and global innovators.

Board of Innovation makes Fortune 500 companies innovate like startups, mixing proven methods from design thinking and lean startup strategies.

Board of Innovation helped us to design a novel innovation strategy and translate it into a structured process. Together we were able to build a tailored process that was applicable to our specific industry. During hands-on workshops, we co-created a useful toolkit that we plan to re-use for future innovation programs.

Richard Battria Utermann, Director at Roche

Digital innovation strategy for Roche

Drawing a joint digital innovation strategy for Roche.

Boosting Engie’s innovation strategy

From innovation strategy to corporate accelerators: 360° innovation support for Engie.