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In less than a week, our customizable innovation strategy sprint will help you develop an action plan for growth alongside key decision makers in your organization.

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By focusing on our innovation strategy for a short amount of time, we were able to shape and validate our innovation mission and develop a clear blueprint containing actions and KPIs for the coming years. I recommend the innovation strategy sprint to any executive looking to drastically speed up decision making.
Virginie Gonzalez
Head of strategic transformation at NN

What is an innovation strategy sprint?

Our quick, intensive innovation strategy sprint program will help you put your innovation dollars towards initiatives that work. Together, we’ll look at how you organize your innovation portfolio and ensure the programs you run will get you where you want to go (into new markets, for instance?). Working alongside key stakeholders at your business and our innovation strategy experts, you’ll set the right priorities, create innovation metrics to track your progress, and build a clear action plan that everyone’s on board with.

Develop an action plan just in a few days

Map out how you’ll achieve your business goals, from the initiatives you’ll run, to the budget, and the governance model.

Set clear KPIs

Measure the impact of your innovation strategy as you roll it out and pivot if needed. Set KPIs to demonstrate the effectiveness of your investment at quarterly reviews.

Get buy-in from stakeholders

Bring the CEO, innovation manager, and R&D lead together to quickly make decisions you’re all on board with.

Simplify your plan

Produce a clear innovation strategy that’s easily understood by people at all levels of your organization.

Customize the agenda

Adjust the agenda to suit your needs and ensure it tackles your key challenges. Every organization is unique, as is each iteration of this program.

Challenges an innovation strategy sprint can tackle

Is your organization adopting an innovation culture too slowly?

An innovation strategy sprint will help you review the capability building initiatives you run and choose programs that will speed things up.

Do you want to innovate without risking your economic engine?

The right innovation strategy will leverage your organization’s key strengths and core assets, not discard them. Select business design approaches that will future-proof your organization by building upon your strengths and sourcing new ones quickly and effectively.

Are you struggling with internal politics?

By bringing key stakeholders into the same room and getting input and approval from everyone at all steps of the process, you’ll have the alignment and buy-in you need to ensure your innovation strategy is actioned.

Do you need an innovation governance model?

During the session, you’ll determine where funding will come from, decide who will follow up on tasks, and who will execute the plan.

Designed for Fortune 500s

This initiative was developed for some of the largest organizations in the world, including GE, ING, Philips, and Roche. It’s ideal for you if you’re looking to challenge your business’s innovation portfolio and uncover new opportunities.

Go inside an innovation strategy sprint

In just a few days, SOS Children’s Villages aligned its international teams and reviewed its program portfolio to get the best results and save money going forward.

Engie: 3 new ventures & an invigorated innovation strategy

From innovation strategy to corporate accelerators: 360° innovation support for Engie.

Digital innovation strategy for Roche

We developed a digital health strategy and identified multiple growth opportunities based on changing patient needs and the rise of new technologies.

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