What will bring you out of your comfort zone in 2015…

New Trends?

Digitalisation, localism, sustainability, … are  the big trends in society everyone knows. But what are the micro-trends challenging your industry in the coming years?

Insects as Food?

Awesome Startup?

Century old industrial companies can learn a lot from fast moving startups. What’s the startup that will bring your company out of its comfort zone in 2015?


New Technologies?

NFC, Google glass, drones, … technology will change the way we interact with future products and services. Which technologies can bring opportunities for your company?

eSkin Tattoos?

… because that’s where the magic happens.

Happy 2015 from team @boardofinno

Curated for you: 3 things to try!

Insects as Food

They’re small, grow quickly, are full of proteins, and come already in burgers… but still out of the comfort zone for many people. The food of the future? Just give it a try!

  • Step 1: Buy or catch some insects.
  • Step 2 : Match them with a nice recipe.
  • Step 3: Enjoy diner!
  • STEP 4: After eating, feel good by watching this video
Hmm, edible insects


The iTunes of journalism. Thanks to $3M backing from The New York Times and Axel Springer, they’re ready to expand internationally in 2015!

The Economist by article

eSkin Tattoos

It’s the size of a nickel and blends on your wrist: eSkin Tattoos. Super thin, flexible NFC tags that allow you to store information and interact with your phone (e.g. share Business Card). 

  • STEP 1: Buy some eSkin tattoos
  • STEP 2: Stick them to your body
  • STEP3: Customise them with your smartphone* via an NFC app
  • STEP 4: Share your business card, play music, … from your wrist.
eSkin Tattoos by Vivalnk

What’s your innovation challenge for 2015?

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Keep Calm – There’s a service or app for that!

I want to buy next-gen products but they only ship to the US. How?

No problem, there are many services around to help you out. At Board of Innovation we use MyUs. Receive your own personal US mailbox and define where they have to ship the goods to afterwards. #ConsiderItDone

That new innovative service is only available in a strange language (eg Dutch). How to understand?

Did you know you can use “Google translate” to translate whole webpages into a language of your choice? Just type in the web address in the source field.
This website available in Swahili in no time.

I have this expensive iPhone, why can’t it read/program NFC-tags? 

Apple decided to add an NFC reader only to the latest iPhone6; all former versions don’t support NFC. But even if you have the latest iPhone you’ll still be unable to use it, as they’ve decided to make it NOT available for other apps/services, besides their own “Apple Pay” service of course.


A full list of more innovative smartphones that support NFC can be found here