Boosting Engie’s innovation strategy

From innovation strategy to corporate accelerators: 360° innovation support for Engie.


Giving focus to Engie’s innovation strategy.

Engie, known as GDF Suez prior to April 2015, is a French multinational electric utility company. Engie is a pioneer in nuclear energy in Europe with the development of the first pressurized water reactor built in Belgium. It’s one of the few players in the sector to develop expert skills in both upstream (engineering, purchasing, operation, maintenance) and downstream (waste management, dismantling) activities.

Engie takes on the challenge of the energy transition through its three businesses: electricity, natural gas, and energy services. To do so, Engie reached out to Board of innovation for support and to revamp its overall innovation approach. 

Very good management of the group. No ‘dead moments’, good balance between group work and inspiring presentations. Very intensive work & good tools. I never imagined we would reach such a result in just 2 days. The methodology also gives a feeling of ownership on the idea generated: these are all our ‘babies’. Gaetano Palermo, M&S E-Business, Engie


A long-term partnership for innovation strategy.

Board of Innovation supports both the global (FR) and the Benelux organization. Following on the new transition and transformation of the organization, Board of Innovation helped to give focus to Engie’s innovation strategy, engaged with the Engie intrapreneurs in different innovation programs and rolled-out an innovation accelerator.


A boost on innovation.

1. A focused innovation strategy 

To enhance Engie’s innovation strategy we helped them to give focus and come to a more structured and aligned innovation approach in a hands-on session. During this session we also focused on and looked for ways to update Engie’s innovation portfolio to make it match with their innovation strategy.

In this way, new initiatives were initiated and the activities within Engie’s innovation team were more aligned.

2. Inspiring innovation programs

We engaged with current and newly identified Engie intrapreneurs in several interactive deep-dives into the world of entrepreneurship using hands-on tools & cases.

In this way, we were able to scout and train +50 new intrapreneurs. These highly inspired people are now ready to accelerate Engie’s innovation strategy.

3. An innovation accelerator 

Lastly, we kickstarted a 6-month innovation accelerator within the organization to boost the creation and launch of totally new business ideas in strategic growth areas.

Three of the business ideas raised were taken the extra mile and resulted in 3 new ventures launched in 2018.

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