Redefining the future of glass packaging

Working with O-I to adapt glass packaging design to emerging market needs

The desire to build iconic brands
through packaging

Mass scale manufacturing has been the glass industry go-to for decades, until smaller beverage producers started winning market share. But personalization became a trend, sustainability a requirement, and companies started to struggle to stay relevant.

Leading in the glass industry, O-I works to build brands through iconic packaging. With the future of beverages turning to decentralized and hyper-personalized experiences, O-I looked to create solutions that could redefine the future of glass design.
Redefining the future of glass packaging
After a successful launch, O-I’s new venture improved the company’s relationship with their long-standing clients, at the same time welcoming smaller players into their customer base.


O-I’s discovery of a market-disrupting technology had the potential to change the glass industry forever – 3D printing that made glass packaging design virtually limitless. Board of Innovation came along to redefine a traditional product-centered business model to market this new technology.

We encouraged O-I to step away from solely servicing big players, growing their production capacity to fit a fast paced market of micro-producers. Together, we designed O-I Expressions.

O-I Expressions disrupts the traditional approach to glass packaging through technology, and introduces it to customers through a service-driven business model. By expanding the reach of glass design, O-I went from exclusively offering mass-production packaging to unlimited designs and customized production batches.
Redefining the future of glass packaging
Redefining the future of glass packaging

Clear skies ahead for the
future of design

O-I went from being a product factory to incorporating a service-driven model into their business. They made experimentation and customized design possible without changing entire production lines, and minimized manufacturing waste to 0%.

Adaptability and flexibility became new O-I strategic capabilities, and a traditional glass company became an innovation hub. Together, we redefined the expectations for the future of the glass industry.

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