Social impact intentions mapper

What is the impact that you are trying to make and what is your approach?

What is this for?

What is the impact that you are trying to make and what is your approach?

Step 1

You have read about the SDGs and you know now what the main challenges are.

Step 2

Individually, select a colour and move the dots over one of each category blocks. After that, you will have a quick overview of the SDG that you want to tackle and your strategy to do it.

Step 3

Reflection moment is here! With your colleagues, go through all the questions we have prepared for you. IMPORTANT: Do not spend more than 10 minutes in total

An online tool

We have also developed this as an online tool in Miro, that you can copy and use interactively.

When you download the tool, you will receive an email with the Miro board.

Social impact intentions mapper

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