A structured overview of key elements of an innovation activity. Identify clear roles and allow your activities to be compared.

What is this for?

This is a tool that we, at Board of Innovation, introduce on day 2 and 4 of the innovation strategy sprint. It is where your team creates a clear master structure for its innovation strategy.

It starts with defining the intended outcome of your innovation program and ends with a concrete action plan. It is a 4-part process that looks in detail at all aspects of what needs to be covered before implementation begins.

You pin down the desired innovation results and measure the projected impact.

We do this using tools such as the 3 horizons of innovation, to categorize business ideas, and the innovation matrix tool, to evaluate what type of activity you will undertake, and establish the level of investment.

When you’ve completed this blueprint, you will have a detailed sketch of the scope, people involved, resource allotment, and project phases.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it.

Step 2

Scope (Results & KPI’s, Horizons & Types). Answer the questions:

  • What results do you expect from this innovation initiative?
  • What are your KPIs?
  • When do you expect to see results (in which horizon)?
  • What type of innovation are you focusing on? Incremental, disruptive, radical, or architectural innovation?
Step 3

People (Governance, Team). Answer the questions:

  • What type of program will you run (where does it fit on the innovation matrix)?
  • Who will run these activities, where will funding come from, and who will execute the strategy?
Step 4

Resources (Funding, Assets). Answer the questions:

  • How much funding will you need?
  • What assets should you provide?
Step 5

Plan (Milestones). Write an action plan.

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