Go-to-market strategy

Non-obvious solutions to launching healthcare innovations.

What is this for?

A collection of 50 tactics and strategies to improve the go-to-market success of new drugs, indications or digital health products and services.

This digital deck will help you tackle challenges and identify opportunities to meet the needs of different stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Stakeholders include…

patients caregivers HCPs PCPs nurses
specialists pharmacies payers governments etc


For who?
This collection is for teams that are preparing a go-to-market plan for a new drug or digital health product in their market.

Because of the dynamic nature of launches, these cards can be used at any stage in the go-to-market process, even as a means to identify ways to maximize opportunities after launch.

It can be used for all therapeutic areas and is relevant for several functions: innovation, market access, medical, brand, marketing, etc.

Step-by-step guide

Why use it?
  • For inspiration in refreshing and tailoring your go-to-market and market access plans
  • To identify non-obvious go-to-market strategies to overcome challenges in your patient adoption, experience, and funnel
  • To inform scenario planning by triggering valuable team discussion about possibilities
Get inspired by go-to-market excellence
  1. Start from a (basic) patient journey and list the challenges that stakeholders have at each phase. What are problems worth solving? What unmet needs can you find? What are the insights that you want to address?
  2. Filter on a phase in the patient journey and/or filter on a trend to receive the most relevant strategies.
  3. Read the title of a card and ask your team if any ideas come to mind. These potential scenarios can trigger valuable discussions that allow for more robust scenario planning.
  4. Read (and explain) the example that is given to better understand the scenario.
  5. Copy the most relevant elements of a tactic and tailor it to the context of your market. This step is the most important one to master.

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