From idea to fork in months, with Nestlé

Join us as we slice into the core of food tech and innovation from the world’s leading food & beverage business: Nestlé.

Together with Mar Serra, Head of Nestlé’s R&D Accelerator, we dig into the secrets of Nestlé’s successes, fostered by an entrepreneurial and agile innovation mindset among the global team. 

We discuss how Nestlé speeds up innovation, bringing products from concept to fork in mere months – not years.

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The insiders

Partner & Head of Global Partnerships, Board of Innovation

Vincent is a global partner at Board of Innovation and has 10+ years experience in building consumer goods strategies for leading organizations across the USA and Europe. With a background in innovation management, Vincent co-founded Board of Innovation in the US before moving back to his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. He thrives in developing partnerships with ambitious brands and, together, tackling their complex challenges.

Accelerator Head, Nestlé

Mar Serra is the innovative leader of the Nestlé Accelerator Lausanne Hub, where she propels food and nutrition science-based entrepreneurial projects from concept to market in record time. With over 15 years of experience in food industry innovation, she excels in managing and mentoring cross-functional teams, and translating disruptive science into groundbreaking products. 

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