Mobility business model examples

Business model innovation gives you a competitive advantage. Download this guide and learn from the business models of these promising ventures in mobility!

Mobility specific
business model examples

We selected the most innovative business models and visualized the different revenue streams!

Each example comes with detailed info about the company and its innovations.

Once you have understood how each of the companies generates value, then you are ready for a business model innovation session.

How should you use it?

Challenge your own model and drive discussions leading to more value-generating business models.

Understand the patterns and focus areas of new business models per industry. Can you use similar innovative strategies?

Learn how to visualize business models using our free business model toolkit.


Be inspired by the revenue model examples of such companies as Bird and Waze. Could your business generate income the same way? Use this to find out.

Get your free copy!

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Business model design

We also offer in-company business model workshops program for corporates!

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