Ideation guide.

1-day agenda template for a perfect ideation workshop.
Tips & tools included.
Slidedeck for ideation

Who is this guide for?

This guide provides a structured approach to the facilitation of the ideation workshop.

We believe in creating optimism in the world by empowering people to innovate. There is nothing quite so empowering as allowing people to be creative and come up with the next innovative idea.


We read all the research, facilitated a gazillion ideation workshops and spoke to a lot of facilitators and tried to summarise it all into a highly actionable guide.

This is a detailed actionable guide that allows you to host your own Ideation session. 
This guide outlines several possible agenda’s and details step-by-step instructions on how to use several proven ideation tools.

5 examples from this guide.

1. 3 agendas for 1-day ideation workshop.

Find in the playbook 3 detailed agendas which will fit your ideation day.

Three agenda in the slidedeck

2. what is ideation.

Detailed explanation of what ideation is and how you can use it in a corporate environment.

What is ideation

3. where does ideation stand in innovation process.

Do you think that the ideation is the first step in innovation? WRONG! Innovation doesn’t start with ideation. Ideation unveils its full potential as innovation process only once you have a problem that is worth solving. In other words, coming up with new ideas (value propositions of new services or product) is pointless, if you’re ideating over problems that are not relevant for your audience.

Slidedeck explaining where ideation stands in the innovation process

4. golden rules of ideation.

Find out 4 golden rules of ideation, here is a sneak pic: 

Rule #1: There are no bad ideas

Rule #2: Capture everything

Rule #3: Go for hybrid brainstorming

Rule #4: Quantity over quality


Slidedeck with 4 golden rules for ideation

5. practical information.

Find out the answers to the questions like “Who can facilitate?”, “Who can participate?”, “How many people should participate?”, “What do I need?”.

Slidedeck with all things practical about ideation

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