Work is where you want it to be​

Board of Innovation thrives on having an international team, and being a collective of diverse voices and backgrounds. To keep raising the bar and growing our capabilities, we’ve implemented a remote-first work mindset.

A remote-first or, as we like to call it, a hybrid work model, offers more workspace flexibility. Whether they choose to work from the offices in one of our regional hubs (New York, Antwerp, Amsterdam or Singapore), or to adopt a nomadic lifestyle, our people find the support they need to succeed on a professional and personal level – wherever they are.

In response to the pandemic, investing in work models that encourage flexibility and adaptability was crucial. A collaborative mindset drove us to take advantage of the opportunities a new perspective on work could offer. We discovered in-office, hybrid, and fully-remote options were crucial as a part of an organization’s capabilities. 

Is that office chair really necessary?

For some professionals, finding a home doesn’t always mean staying in a single place. This is the case for many of our colleagues who are always on the move, driven by their passion to get to know different places and cultures. 

Understanding the appetite and benefits of learning about diverse human perspectives, our nomads are encouraged to pursue this way of life. Offering a hand when it’s needed, the employees seeking to experience life abroad find the support they need in Board of Innovation, and turn their travels into a key part of their work lifestyle. 

Staying close to your roots with a hybrid work model

Although the entire world seems to be within reach, some have already found a place they call home. Wherever this may be, offering the chance to work with Board of Innovation without the need for relocation is a priority. 

The three different time zones (CET, EDT, and SGT) that make up the firm’s schedule allow people from all over the world to join the team, even after they’ve already found a place to settle down.

A paved road between you and new experiences

Regardless of location preferences, many professionals find themselves holding back from pursuing new career paths because of cultural and practical challenges. Paperwork is still a blocking force that stands in the way of talent from around the world, and a company that could be the right fit.

Keeping and expanding our international team means that Board of Innovation facilitates every step of visa processes. Understanding the roadblocks of visa applications, we support our current and future employees as much as possible in this process, to make sure practicalities don’t get in their way.

Keeping our teams connected beyond borders

Connections are one of the most important traits that make the spirit of Board of Innovation. Conducting recurring physical and online events is a big part of our culture, making sure our teams are always in touch.

We use tools like Around to have hybrid meetings, and make sure we have plenty of online events. One of them is “This is me”, where new employees get to share more than their professional background, but tell the rest of the company about their passions, cultural backgrounds, and we even get some bonus baby pictures. Human Library is one of our most recent virtual encounters, where colleagues are able to talk in-depth about a topic that represents them, and share it with the rest of the teams. 

Because we value meeting in person as well, we make sure we have a minimum of three touch-points each year. Our yearly Summer Office and a couple of regional office-weeks are where all our teams gather to get to know each other in person, sometimes for the first time after working with each other only virtually!

Interested in our recruitment process?

Bringing their own entrepreneurial and unique expertise to the table, our people are behind Board of Innovation’s authenticity. As a professional services firm representing leading global organizations, a thorough hiring process is how we scout the curious minds that will make up our global teams.

Our recruitment team leads an assessment and relationship-oriented process. They ensure candidates meet with different team members and participate in real-work simulations. 

An important step of this process is learning about how they would tackle their day-to-day tasks within the BOI environment.

Our international team grows by the day

Our experience in the innovation industry taught us that we can recruit great talent from anywhere in the world, and this has become a cornerstone of our culture. We invest in keeping our doors open for the next innovation or design rockstar – in 2021, we reviewed more than 10.000 applications, filling 60 vacancies across the world!

With thrilling and meaningful innovation projects on our plate, we’re growing our global teams, who will be working on tomorrow’s solutions. If you think Board of Innovation is the place for your talent, we’re ready to get to know you.