AI scaleups to watch: meet them at the summit

The Autonomous Innovation Summit, June 5th and 6th will explore how AI is changing the way we innovate, operate and grow – and how businesses can transform to thrive in an increasingly autonomous world.

Key to this new autonomous era are the AI scaleups and startups, powering this transformation. 

Discover the leading AI scaleups, and get their insights at the summit.

Cohere AI scaleups to watch

Cohere, is a leading platform for enterprise AI, optimized for
search, discovery, and advanced retrieval.

Cohere is revolutionizing how developers and businesses utilize natural language processing (NLP), and brings the power of large natural language processing models to smaller companies via an API. With its innovative platform, Cohere uses LLMs and  a cutting-edge machine-learning framework to make state-of-the-art NLP accessible and affordable.
Recognized as one of Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech, Cohere’s technology has diverse applications ranging from generating product descriptions to analyzing market trends, significantly broadening the scope of what businesses can achieve with NLP.

Synthesia AI scaleups to watch

Founded in 2017, Synthesia’s AI platform empowers users to create video content without cameras, studios, or actors. Users can create custom AI avatars or choose from over 160 ready-to-use options, with hundreds of natural-sounding language options. The platform also allows users to clone their voice and create a custom digital twin, as well as edit and host videos. By democratizing video production, Synthesia could revolutionize content creation across industries.

Builder AI scaleups to watch

Launched in 2016, Builder.Ai aims to make software development as easy as ordering a pizza. Their Builder Studio allows anyone to create an app by submitting desired features and receiving a timeline, feature breakdown, and payment plan. Their Studio Store enables building and launching an online store within two weeks. By simplifying app and website creation, Builder.Ai could empower entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

Uizard AI scaleups to watch

Originating as a machine learning research project in 2018, Uizard leverages AI to streamline the design process. Users can generate themes from text prompts, upload screenshots for inspiration, or convert wireframe sketches into digital designs within seconds. The platform also suggests copy and facilitates team collaboration. By democratizing design, Uizard could revolutionize how products and services are conceived and presented.

NoCo AI scaleups to watch

NotCo aims to make plant-based alternatives accessible globally, enabled by their custom AI model, Giuseppe. The model analyzes animal-based foods at the molecular level and replicates them using only plant-based ingredients. Their current products include notmilk, notchicken, and notburger, with more in development. By making plant-based options more accessible and appealing, NotCo could significantly reduce the environmental impact of the food industry. In 2021, NotCo was valued at $1.5B company, got Jeff Bezos to invest in 3 days, and ultimately, built not just an ordinary Unicorn, but a Good Unicorn.

Outset AI scaleups to watch

Outset allows product teams, entrepreneurs, and disruptors to validate ideas and gather consumer insights through AI-moderated interviews at survey scale but with interview depth. Respondents can provide audio or video responses and react to stimuli. The platform also offers AI-powered synthesis. By streamlining consumer research, Outset could help organizations create more successful and impactful products and services.

Wayve AI scaleups to watch

Wayve, London-based and founded in 2017, is leading the charge of autonomous vehicle tech and embodied AI. They recently secured more than $1bn of investment to develop the next generation of AI-powered vehicles. 

Their perspective is that Embodied AI will enable automated vehicles to learn from and interact with a real-world environment, including the ability to learn from situations that do not follow strict patterns or rules, such as unexpected actions by drivers or pedestrians.

Composabl AI Scaleups to watch

Composabl is a platform for creating industrial-strength, skill-based agents that work in real life, which has recently secured $4.25M seed funding. 

The startup is revolutionizing automation with it’s No-Code UI platform, enabling engineers to directly teach AI agents to work alongside them in real-world settings and infuse operator expertise. Composabl agents can make decisions based on perception, much like a human would, and reliably manage complex operations, such as robotics, drones, and a diverse range of industrial machinery.

Sanctuary AI scaleups to watch

Founded in 2018, Sanctuary AI is focused on creating general-purpose, human-like robots that can perform work tasks effectively and safely in a variety of industries. Sanctuary AI’s advanced AI platform trains robots to react to their environment and perform new tasks with precision in a very short time. Robots with human-like intelligence will completely transform the workforce of the future.

Sanctuary AI’s general-purpose robot Phoenix, was recently recognized as one of TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2023,” and the 7th generation launch is an even further leap into automation.

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This isn’t a spectator sport; it’s a masterclass in building the businesses and products that will win in an increasingly autonomous world.

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