06-07 December 2023




Welcome to the new way of innovating

The biggest global gathering on
AI-powered innovation

Join us at our Virtual Summit on Autonomous Innovation to discover how AI is revolutionizing the very fabric of innovation.

This is more than a summit; it’s a launchpad for leaders who aspire to shape the future rather than react to it. Engage with experts, share insights, and emerge with a blueprint for your own journey.

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Can we innovate 10x faster, better and cheaper by combining AI with human curation?
What if you could test innovations against synthetically modeled users, instantly?
How do we ensure AI agents reflects diverse needs, not just the majority?
What if AI could simulate 'parallel universes' to test multiple business strategies simultaneously?
What if your products could evolve autonomously based on real-time user feedback?

Welcome to the future of innovation—where algorithms meet aspirations. We’re thrilled to invite you to our groundbreaking Virtual Summit on Autonomous Innovation.

This isn’t just another conference; it’s a voyage into a new frontier where AI and human ingenuity merge to redefine the way we build tomorrow’s products and businesses.

Join us to hear from industry pioneers, thought leaders, and disruptors who are already charting this unexplored territory. Let’s embark.

/Imagine A new packaging for take away food
/Imagine New ways of rapid prototyping
/Imagine A dyson inspired headphone device
The future of innovation is autonomous. Join us at the groundbreaking Autonomous Innovation Summit, where business leaders and AI visionaries will explore how we will imagine, build, and launch tomorrow's products and businesses.

What's on the

Get ready to step into a world where your company’s next big idea might be generated while you sleep. Welcome to our Virtual Summit on Autonomous Innovation—a gathering of the brightest minds at the intersection of AI, business strategy, and creative thinking.

Across keynotes, panels, demos and masterclasses, discover how generative AI redefines what’s possible.

The summit will take place on Dec 6th and 7th, from 3pm – 9pm CET / 9am – 3pm EST both days.

Who you'll be
hearing from

Miku Jha
Director, AI/ML and Generative AI, Google Cloud
Myriam Broeders
Chief Technology Director, Microsoft
Gianni Giacomelli
Head of Design Innovation, MIT CCI
Christian Saclier
VP of Design Innovation, Pepsico
Paqui Lizana
Global Digital Innovation Director, IKEA
Koen Burghouts
Global VP Innovation, Pepsico
Johan Hanekom
Principal for Sustainability and Innovation, Amazon Web Services
Matthew Adam Smith
VP Commercialization, Centriqe & Former Head of Marketplace Strategy, Walmart
Matt Cosad
Head of Data & Analytics, KraftHeinz
Jim Kelly
AI-powered Innovation / Garage Lead, Microsoft
Jenny Nicholson
Executive Creative Director and Writer
Gary Brotman
Joshua Young
Head of Digital Product Creation, VF Corporation / ex-Nike
Stefano Puntoni
Professor and Behavioral Scientist, Wharton School
Tina Manoharan
VP, Global Leader Data/AI & Digital Innovation, Philips
Hugo Alves
Chief Product Officer, Synthetic Users
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join innovation leaders at the summit

Join us for the Innovation Summit! Come experience the latest innovations and thoughts from top brands like Microsoft, PepsiCo, and more. 

Get inspired and learn show AI is changing the fabric of innovation.

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Get ready to step into a world where your company’s next big idea might be generated while you sleep.

The Autonomous Innovation Summit is a virtual gathering that brings together some of the brightest minds at the crossroads of AI, business strategy, and creative thinking. The summit explores how generative AI is revolutionizing the landscape of innovation.

Attendees can look forward to a range of keynotes, panels, demos, and masterclasses that delve into the transformative potential of generative AI. The summit will provide insights into how AI is redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of innovation.

The summit focuses on the intersection of AI, business strategy, and creative thinking, which are pivotal areas for companies aiming to maintain their competitive edge. By attending, innovators can gain insights into leveraging AI for strategic innovation, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their respective industries.

Absolutely! The summit provides a virtual platform for attendees to connect, share insights, and collaborate with fellow innovators from various industries. It’s a unique opportunity to build valuable connections and foster collaborative innovation.

Generative AI offers the potential to automate and enhance various innovation processes, from ideation to product development. This means faster time-to-market, optimized R&D processes, and the ability to tap into previously unexplored avenues of innovation.

Yes, the summit will showcase various case studies and real-world examples where AI has played a transformative role in the innovation strategies of leading global corporations. Attendees can gain practical insights and learn from the successes and challenges faced by their peers.