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We really enjoyed our visit to Alaska and getting to know all of you!

We hope you enjoyed your first introduction to design thinking as a process for creative problem solving. We’re sure that it can allow you as product leaders and as an organization to discover what is desirable from a customer’s perspective.

At Board of Innovation, we are on a mission to empower a 100 million people and design 1000 businesses with the world’s largest corporates. Design thinking is one of the key methodologies that we use augmented with a unique approach to business model design to design businesses that solve an actual problem for the customer and that have a sustainable business model to support them.

We designed this training to help you apply the key principles of the design thinking methodology on a real-world business challenge. Look at this webpage as your starting point in a journey towards a more human-centered approach to innovation.

We wish you more than luck,

Isabelle & Nick

Our journey together

You were great!

Your favorite tools

Business model kit

Invented by Board of Innovation, this tool has helped thousands of corporate inventors, students and entrepreneurs to design successful business models.

Validation guide

A complete guide for validation, with 24 experiments you can do to test your new business ideas.

Problem validation script

This tool helps you go smoothly through your first problem validation interviews.

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Business Designer

Nick Bogaert

Co-founder Board of Innovation New York