Validation for corporate accelerators.

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In this video



Is an accelerator the right way to go? Understand what you can expect as an output of accelerating a business idea through testing.

Key activities

What is validation? What are the key questions asked at each stage? How do you go about actually validating your business idea assumptions?

Tips & best practices

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly during validation. If you want to do this right, make sure to avoid these common pitfalls!

Be sure to check out

Validation guide

Will your business idea work? Find out. This free guide features 24 validation experiments to help you test your hypothesis & de-risk business decisions.

Corporate accelerators

Have you been thinking about running a corporate accelerator to boost innovation capabilities at your company? Watch this video to learn how you can do it.

Experiment picker

This quiz will test how ready you are, and whether you've checked off everything Board of Innovation considers necessary before getting it out there. Remember: it's better to fail a quiz than fail your customer.

Experiment card

Clarify your experiments to validate your assumptions.

Assumption mapper

Do you have a business proposition in mind? Challenge and prioritize your assumptions with this assumption mapper.


Tarryn Lewis

Tarryn is a strategic business designer at Board of Innovation. Having mastered the lean startup and design thinking methodologies, she specializes in supporting the development and rapid testing of business ideas through a human centred lens. Her academic background in engineering and innovation management drives her to seek out sustainable solutions that benefit both the business and the customer.
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