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How do you decide whether to commercialize your technology? And how do you avoid that multi-million dollar mistake?

New trends and technologies have exploded over the few years. Asset heavy industrial organizations have scrambled to define their strategy when it comes to investing in new digital assets and are questioning what is the best course of action to extract maximum value from these investments. One of the main challenges is deciding whether a particular technology should remain in-house as a competitive advantage or be commercialized to diversify company revenue streams. If the decision is made to commercialize the technology, the question of how you de-risk the process remains.

Join us as we explore these issues and more in this special B2B webinar!

Here's what you'll learn

We will be hosting some of the biggest names in the B2B market to be able to answer the following questions:

What are the potential opportunities and threats of commercialization in the B2B marketplace?
When should you deliberately decide not to commercialize and leverage your assets as a competitive advantage?
How do you de-risk the commercialization process? What are real-life examples of experiments in heavy industrial settings?
Michiel Mol
Business Director, Industrials at Board of Innovation
Ahmed Ashour
Senior Innovation Consultant

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JUNE 5 & 6