Planning an Innovation Day

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Here's what you’ll learn

What you can expect to get out of an Innovation Day

Understand what an Innovation Day is all about and reasons why you should consider running one.

What does an Innovation day look like

Learn about 3 different Innovation Day formats, examples of tools you may expect to see, and pros and cons to consider for each.

Tips and best practices

Here you will find some strategies so that you are able to select the right Innovation Day format and get the most value out of your event!

Be sure to check out

Brainstorm cards

Our corporate ideation game, with 52 triggers to generate new business ideas.

Experiment card

Clarify your experiments to validate your assumptions.

Innovation battlefield

Prioritize your most important features or concepts and make decisions on how to take them forward.

Concept card

A 1-page template to move quickly from random "post-it" ideas to a clear concept overview.



Bryan Berger

Bryan is an innovation consultant and strategic design thinker at Board of Innovation. With a background in product development and human-centered design, he an expert at coaching teams through ideation, development and validation of business concepts. He is committed to providing corporate innovation teams with the tools, strategy, and confidence to help them build a disruptive solution for any business challenge.
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