Ideate like an expert

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Here's what you’ll learn


When to run an ideation workshop

Learn when you should use ideation in the innovation process and find out what you’ll need to run an ideation workshop.

How to use our ideation tools

Use some of our favourite ideation tools to come up with innovative ideas. Define clear concept overviews and identify the idea(s) to move forward with.

Facilitation tips

Pick up some concrete facilitation tips, so you can ideate like an expert.

Be sure to check out


Opposite thinking

This is tool asks you to familiarize with the opposite side of things, to stretch the horizon of possibilities.


Brainstorm cards

Our corporate ideation game, with 52 triggers to generate new business ideas.



Francis Verhoeven

Francis is passionate about helping corporates to come up with innovative ideas, based on real client needs through thorough problem exploration, before validating them through prototyping.
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