Deceleration: How slow innovation can help you manage a rapidly changing world.

March 23, 2021

4 PM CET // 11 am EST

Speed has long been seen as a trademark of innovative companies. Failing fast, rapid rounds of iteration, and 5-day sprints have many corporate teams focused on being the quickest to market. In many cases, being fast has become synonymous with being better, making it counterintuitive for us to want to slow things down. 

But if spending all your efforts speeding up isn’t enabling you to accomplish more – maybe it’s time for a different approach. During this webinar, we will discuss seeking the right speed to innovation, savoring hours and minutes rather than measuring and counting them, and preparing your business for the long game.


What we’ll cover in this live webinar:

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Jennifer Tsitsopoulos

Founding Member of BOI New York

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