Validation as a Service

Our focus

Finding the next thing to scale

Startups are good at finding out what to build. Corporates are good at scaling. With Validation as a Service, Board of Innovation merges the two approaches to help corporates identify and validate unmet needs in the market (problem validation), and to help design, prototype and test solutions (solution validation). Find new, quick, efficient ways to spot, validate and scale up new business opportunities.

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Customer Empathy

User research as a vehicle to inform thinking and discover problems worth solving

Building & Experimenting

Gather data to validate value propositions and turn assumptions into assets for evidence-based decisions

Business Model Validation

Identify and validate riskiest assumptions underlying business model and potential

The plan 

Two validation tracks to test your assumptions

Validation is the process of gathering evidence and learning around business ideas through experimentation and user testing, in order to make faster, informed, de-risked decisions. Depending on the stage of the innovation funnel you’re in, you’ll need to validate different elements of your business proposition. For this reason, we designed 2 ad-hoc tracks, a Problem Validation Track and a Solution Validation Track. Here’s our battle plan.


Problem and Value Proposition Validation
6 weeks

We deep-dive into your customer segments to validate their problems and match them to a value proposition within the context of a viable business model concept.

  • Validated customer segments
  • Validated customer problems
  • Pain worth solving (ballpark figures)
  • Validated value proposition
  • Early adopters identified
  • First product/service version & user tests
Business model 
  • Business model options drafted
  • Business case developed
  • Most critical assumptions validated


Solution & Business Model Validation
9 weeks

We figure out how to structure the value proposition into a marketable solution, validated with customer segments and other relevant stakeholders, with critical assumptions underlying the business model validated.

  • Iterated high fidelity solution
  • Commitment form the end-users
Business model 
  • Business model validation
  • Business case refined
  • Most critical assumptions validated
  • Minimal set off features for MVP launch
  • Further learning goals

Validation squad

A mixed group of talents with backgrounds varying from design to entrepreneurial sprints

An essential element to validate a business opportunity quickly and efficiently is an experienced entrepreneurial team. By having Board of Innovation consultants and The Growth Revolution experiment designers work from an off-site location, we can ensure that the right profiles work in a close-knit team, keeping communication lines short and iterations fast.

Initiative Lead

  • T-shaped profile (Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Agile)
  • Speaks business, keeps customers in his heart
  • Entrepreneurial mindset

User Researcher

  • Define, plan and conduct user research
  • Deliver compelling insights to the team
  • Facilitate evidence-based decisions


  • Quick and dirty prototyping
  • User flows
  • App/web design
  • User testing

Experiment Lead

  • Technical profile
  • Experiment design & execution
  • Marketing & growth strategist

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Do you want more info about this program? Please fill in this form below to have a quick chat with one of our experts.

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