User Research

Meaningful innovation starts with the people you design for


User-centered techniques to discover problems worth solving

Try googling “useless products” to find out examples of organizations that designed fantastic solutions to worthless problems. These products may be perfect to solve the problem at hand, but the problem itself is just not perceived as important by the final users.

That’s why understanding your final users should be at the heart of every innovation initiative. By understanding your customers, you create the foundations for designing solutions that truly match final users’ needs and expectations.

What differentiates Market Research from Qualitative Research is not only the scale but also the level of customer understanding and user insights. User insights are the golden nuggets that will allow us to better understand the underlying reasons that drive needs, motivations, and aspirations of the people we design for.

Market Research User Research comparison graph - Board of Innovation

Diving deep into the world of our users requires us to get away from our desk, and meet the people we’re designing for in their context and situations. Qualitative user research can help us to get there.

Our approach to conduct user research

A 4-week tour in the shoes of your customers

You’ll learn how to collect user stories by doing

Customer interviews

& asking the right questions

Observations field trips, because what

customers say can be different from what they do

Immersing to really embody the
saying “walk a mile in their shoes”

During a 4 weeks course, the team will learn through practice, to develop the required capability & mindset needed for user research, more specifically the phases of empathy, define and testing, through a real-life case challenge.

From our experience, asking the right questions & crafting user insights are the most challenging aspects of user research, especially for team members profiles who’re not accustomed to being customer facing.

During these weeks, our coaches will be by your side and help you to fine-tune your skill sets based on your individual needs & personal strengths.

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