Innovation training for Corporates

Support the intrapreneurs within your organization

You don’t want to be the next Nokia or Blackberry. New startups are challenging the business models of companies that existed for ages. We help the intrapreneurs within your organization to find new & sustainable sources of profit.

Add innovation professionals to your team

Our dedicated team of consultants will offer specialized help to your innovation team. We provide your team with the right innovation tools & frameworks via our different training modules, but we can also join your team on a real-life innovation challenge.

All our innovation training programs

Design Thinking Training

2-day workshop for Corporates

A user-driven innovation approach, perfect for companies that want to discover hidden opportunities in a specific market segment.

  • Strategic impact of Design

  • Customer journey

  • Observe user behaviour

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Innovation & Creativity

2-day workshop for Corporates

This 2-day training will bring your team a structured process and the necessary idea generation tools.

  • Ideation tools & techniques

  • Innovation methodology & frameworks

  • Creativity habits

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Business Model Innovation

2-day workshop for Corporates

Compare your own business model with innovative new players. Learn new tools that complement the Business Model Canvas.

  • Business Model Tools

  • Impact disruptive innovation

  • Revenue models & pricing tactics

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Lean Startup & Intrapreneurship

2-day workshop for Corporates

Intrapreneurship tools & inspiration to make in-company entrepreneurs more effective in their (new) challenge!

  • Startup vs Corporate world

  • Prototyping techniques

  • Assumption testing

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Train the Trainer

Coaching your internal trainers

Our innovation consultants can train your coaches in the full set of innovation tools & techniques we use in our accelerator programs.  Every train-the-trainer session is custom-made based on the maturity level of your own organisation.

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Ideation & Exploration
  • Concept Validation
  • Business Modelling
  • Go-to-market
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Talent Development Program

4-month Development Program

This program is designed for potential leaders. We guide them through an enriching & methodologically structured experience which shifts the corporate mindset into a flexible, startup-minded and customer oriented innovation approach.

  • From the micro to macro level of development
  • Preparing for changing environments
  • Entrepreneurial experience
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Innovation Bootcamp

4-day Program

An intense 4-day learning journey where corporate teams develop new ideas, including first validation.

  • Tools & coaching

  • First prototypes

  • Intrapreneurial culture

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Custom Training

Tailor-made innovation workshops and development programs

Create your own multi-day training by combining different modules together. Contact us on for more info.

  • Talent development

  • Personalised tools

  • Flexible timing

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