Social impact business model kit

What is this for?

The business model kit is a tool designed to explore and imagine different business models to support your solution.

This tool is an extension of our existing Business Model Kit. Check it out for more explanation and for the full business model kit.

How to use it

Step 1

Position yourself in relation to key stakeholders, such as clients, suppliers or customers.

Step 2

Think about which other parties are involved in the entire ecosystem and map out all these different stakeholders.

Step 3

Map out the different value exchanges between stakeholders. Choose transaction cards and arrows to display how these values are exchanged.

Step 4

Ensure that your model addresses each stakeholder accordingly, i.e. they give and/or receive something.

Step 5

Challenge each stakeholder and transaction and try to identify gaps and opporunities in the ecosystem.

Step 6

Use the blank cards that are left over as a tool to define your critical assumptions and test them through experiments.

Tip: Be specific and name every stakeholder and value exchange.

Tip: Only draw orthogonal lines between stakeholders to ensure a clear visual representation of your ecosystem.

Tip: We’ve added blank cards to be used as a wildcard or as a card to map your critical assumptions.

An online tool

We have also developed this as an online tool in Miro, that you can copy and use interactively.

When you download the tool, you will receive an email with the Miro board.

Social impact business model kit

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