Linear unpacking.

A 1-page tool to share insights crafted from fragment cards.


What is this for?

Linear unpacking is a structured approach for design teams to share stories, observations and real need statements crafted from fragment cards and to eventually synthesize the findings into insight.together. 

This gives teams the opportunity to hear the different user stories, help & need statement gathered by team members. This to make sure everyone is aligned before crafting insight statements

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A2. You can also draw it out on a sheet of paper if you can’t print.

Step 2

Each person (or a pair of persons) that conducted empathy research sessions and composed fragment cards about it, should take turns to read out loud the post-its from their fragment card and transfer them to the linear unpacking template. 

Others design team members should have post-its and sharpies. They will have the opportunity to ask questions. All questions asked should be documented on post-its and should correctly be placed on the template to populate it further. 

Step 3

After hearing the stories and observations of each user shared by other team members, the design team should spend several minutes crafting additional real need statements.

Step 4

Once the team has listed out the real need statements, they can move on to craft insight statements. Look at the individual real need statements and ask yourself why these can be considered a need or try to point out what is driving the user to behave in such a manner. 

Step 5

Once everyone has shared their fragment cards and the team has generated insights statements from the stories heard, they finally can transition into forming selections of insights.

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