Insights selector

Identify which insights should be taken forward.

What is this for?

The biggest power of conducting user empathy is to identify user insights which the team can then leverage for ideation. One of the most challenging questions then becomes which insight should be taken forward? 

The ‘insights selector‘ aims to address just that. It’s a simple tool that facilitates a group discussion around the different gathered insights from user stories and helps the group identify the insights that could potentially lead to innovative ideas. 

Step-by-step guide.


As a team, place each insight onto one of the 4 blocks of the insight selector matrix:

Block 1: obvious – not relevant to our design challenge: don’t waste your time on this

Block 2: obvious – relevant to our design challenge: this will lead to incremental improvements

Block 3: non-obvious – not relevant to our design challenge: Interesting for future challenges, but let’s park this for now

Block 4: non-obvious – relevant to our design challenge: any insights that falls within this block, will lead to seeing our design challenge from a fresh perspective, and thus spark more out-of-the-box ideas


Pick the insights within the fourth block and translate them into how might we questions


Use the how might we questions as the starting point to spark ideation within the team.


Insights selector

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