Innovation taboo

Our buzzwords game that teaches teams to ditch the jargon and find simple ways to explain innovation terms.

Why play Innovation Taboo?

This is a collection of 75 cards that will help you understand innovation buzzwords and explain them in ways that everyone can understand. Use them to get teams from different departments on the same page.

How to play Innovation Taboo

Step 1

Divide the group into multiple teams. Each team should have at least 3 players.

Step 2

Select a Referee who will hold the cards and assign points.

Step 3

Each round, a different person from each team will stand in front of the group and take a card from The Referee. This person becomes The Consultant.

Step 4

The Consultant has 30 seconds to describe the word highlighted in red without mentioning the ones in the white area below (those words are taboo).

Step 5

While The Consultant is explaining the word, The Consultant’s team has to guess what the word is. If the team succeeds, they earn one point. The Consultant can then draw another card and repeat the process to earn more points in the remaining time. When the time is up, it’s the next team’s turn.

What not to do

  • If The Consultant mentions one of the words in the white area, the team loses one point.
  • The Consultant can skip a word if it’s too difficult to explain. However, after skipping two words, The Consultant’s team will start losing one point for each additional card that is skipped.

Innovation taboo

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