Customer empathy map.

A simple empathy tool to deep dive into the mind of your customer.


What is this for?

Do you need to understand your future customer? The “customer empathy map” helps you:

  • Provide a basis for identifying the needs of the customer and opportunities for the project. It is a tool for the synthesis of information on the customer through visualization of what she/he says, does, thinks and feels.
  • Provides you with an understanding of possible situations arising from the context, behavior concerns and even the aspirations of the user. 

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A3. You can also draw it out on a sheet of paper if you can’t print.

Step 2

Describe what the customer sees in her/his environment. Think about her/his friends, what does the market already offer.

Step 3

Describe how the environment influences the customer by asking questions like: What do friends say? What do influencers say? What does the boss say?

Step 4

Describe what the customer says and does. How does she/he behave toward others? What is the customer’s attitude in public? These questions will help you understand what the client is thinking and how he behaves in public.

Step 5

Describe how the customer thinks and feels by understanding how her/his mind works. The following questions can help you to complete step 5. What does really matter for the customer? What are her/his major occupations? What keeps the customer awake at night?

Step 6

What pains does the customer have? What are her/his frustrations and obstacles? Describe the difficulties the customer is facing during this experience.

Step 7

What are the customers’ gains? Describe the positive and promising attributes of the customer?

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