Assumption learning card

Use this tool to collect and refine your learnings after testing your critical assumptions.

What is this for?

The assumption learning card will help you collect and refine your learnings following an experiment on critical assumptions, user tests, or solution validations. Use it to get a clear overview.

This tool will be most effective if you record your findings/feedback directly after conducting the interviews or tests. Use one card per assumption and highlight clear discoveries, findings, and pivots.

Remember to be objective and non-judgemental. Just think about whether your hunches held true or not. Use it to focus on assumption validations, not your final products.

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Define the assumptions or hypotheses you’re testing.

Step 2

Run your experiment (see experiment cards) and write down your key learnings and insights.

Step 3

Write down in what way your validations held true – or didn’t. Write down the evidence you have for this (in)validation.

Step 4

Complete the spider diagram to show how much (in)validation you obtained on this particular assumption. Ask yourself if you need to run further or broader experiments on this particular assumption.

Step 5

Define clear next steps. Perhaps you need further validated learning evidence or need to test new assumptions that emerged as a result. Either way, clearly define your next steps.

Assumption learning card

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