10x10s is an easy way to begin stretching your thinking and generating new ideas, individuals work against the clock to generate as many ideas as possible within a given amount of time.

What is this for?

10x10s is an easy way to begin stretching your thinking and generating new ideas.

Similar to Crazy 8’s, individuals work against the clock to generate as many ideas as possible within a given amount of time.


By forcing yourself to focus in and ideating around one idea only, you are able to generate nuanced and overlooked solutions.

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Grab an A4 piece of paper and 10 sticky notes.

Step 2

Align on your How Might We statement as a group. (5 min)

Step 3

Set a timer to 10 minutes and individually draw 10 solutions to the problem on a piece of paper. One idea per sticky note. (10 min)

Step 4

As an individual or in a group, decide on your favorite idea of the 10 developed. (5 min)

Step 5

Grab a second A4 piece of paper and 10 more sticky notes.

Step 6

Set a timer to 10 minutes again and individually draw 10 new versions or ideas that stem from the preferred idea that was selected. (10 min)


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