Tech Lab

We use the latest technology to test innovation methods to help corporations build new businesses.

What is Tech Lab?

Innovating innovation

We believe technology will help us to innovate faster. 
We are testing which innovation methods can be improved with technology, such as artificial intelligence. 
Together with our clients, we are experimenting with this technology to design a radically new innovation process. 

why tech lab?

Purpose of

Tech Lab

Today, innovation is labor intensive. We depend on human creativity to come up with ideas, leverage human empathy to identify problems worth solving. We rely on a CEO’s gut feeling about investment in innovation projects, and on human-led market validation. 

With Tech Lab, we want to help make the innovation process more streamlined for our clients, with more effective deliverables. 

We’re spotting new tools every week that innovate parts of the innovation methods, from new digital prototyping tools to Internet of Things (IoT) development kits. And we want to start using them

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How does Tech Lab work?

Our principles

Tech agnostic


Tech Lab will not focus on certain technologies or exclude others. We’ll find the best way to solve a problem, whether it’s a virtual reality pitch trainer, a voice assistant version of an innovation consultant, or a crypto investment platform. If a human solution turns out to be superior to the machine, then we’ll stick to that. 


Utility > Novelty

We aren’t interested in using tech for the sake of it. If it doesn’t add value, we won’t do it. To do this, we’ll focus on tools that have tangible output. 



Our work is driven by either a specific client request such as: Can you build me an algorithm to evaluate business ideas for my company?, or by what we consider the largest challenges our clients face. Do you have a challenge for us? We’re here to solve it!



Designing a great solution is one thing, designing it in an ethical way is another. We do not aim to get people ‘hooked’ on our solutions; we want data to be secure and private, and want to make sure we are cautious of the ramifications of our tools. We’ll use the EthicalOS toolkit designed by Jane McGonigal to make sure our solutions are built ethically from the start. 


Open by design

Just as we do at Board of Innovation, Tech Lab believes in openness, transparency and collaboration, from the way we freely share our research, to building open-sourced solutions. That’s why we share our research on the latest Innotech tools on, publish our findings regularly, and include our clients and even competitors in creating solutions. 



How do you quantify innovation when it is more art than science? Tech Lab is about measuring both the innovation methods and their impact. Tech Lab will ensure its innovation technology reduces the time, cost and risk of developing a business idea, provides more revenue or revenue streams, increases speed, and strengthens scalability. 

What are we up to?

Tech Lab projects

On, we gather and review our selection of the most relevant innovation tools. Discover the latest tools in the innotech space, or contribute by adding a innotech tool you've tested.

Redesign Design Thinking

How might we automate the empathy phase? How might we do 100 user interviews at once? How might we augment insights? These are the questions we are trying to answer, to redesign Design Thinking through technical proof of concepts.