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e-learning courses for enterprises

After running thousands of innovation programs  with countless Fortune 500 companies, we’ve developed a robust methodology that simplifies the complexity behind the bussiness model design, lean startup, design thinking and innovation strategey.

Our online course compiles all of our experience combined with content tailored to your organization. We design custom courses that are interactive, hands-on learning experiences that can be designed as a stand-alone course or a hybrid course. All our courses are geared towards direct business impact.

Our main principles

Capabilities that generate business impact.
We leverage your key assets and frameworks rather than sticking to theory. Participants solve your companies’ challenges while they learn.

Open-source business model.
We believe in the sharing of knowledge, which is why
we provide all of our tools and content with your team
throughout the program.

Our programs grow over time. Feedback loops with both participants and sponsors insure the incorporation of continuous improvements to the learning modules. We drive results through collaboration!


What do you get?


In short, interact online modules for maximum engagement

Mobile-friendly platform

Take our course while you’re on the go

Flexible learning

Review the course content at your own pace


Case studies

Practice the methodology with cases tailored to your organization


Design to achieve impact

Our courses upskill participants to apply learnings directly


Compatibale with any platform

Our online programs are designed to work on any LMS system

e-courses overview

A selection of courses

We tailor all our courses to your specific needs. Each course is broken down into different modules that contain video content, case studies, interactive exercises using a digital whiteboard and a short quiz to ensure that the key learning objectives are met.


  • Business model innovation

    Example: After completing this course participants understand the what and why of business model innovation, how to design their own business model, and how to think with a viability lens using new tools and approaches.

    Module 1: Introduction to Business Model Innovation
    Module 2: The Business Model Kit
    Module 3: Scoping your Business Model
    Module 4: Business Model Ideation
    Module 5: Business Model Definition
    Module 6: Business Model Validation

  • Design thinking

  • Innovation strategy

  • Prototyping and validation

  • Creative problem solving

Demo available

Business model innovation

Innovation e-learning courses

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