Experiment design training

Inject your business with Lean Startup strategies, as well as intrapreneurship, and venturing skills with this quick, intensive training program.

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Empowering teams to innovate faster and more effectively.

Startups often have the same goals as traditional companies, but use a different approach: they move quickly and aim to transform entire industries with very little money. 

The bestselling book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries raised global awareness of the key factors behind the enormous growth of the most successful startups.

Our online experiment design training teaches you a systematic process and actionable tactics for testing new business ideas from discovery to validation.

We’ll build you a custom online course that’s interactive and hands-on. Each e-course can be either stand-alone or developed to complement a larger transformation program.

These online courses are geared towards direct business impact and are most relevant for product managers, sales, marketing, leadership, (new) business developers, and trainees.


Experiment design

Turn your managers into intrapreneurs

Participants will walk away from this training with a new mindset about developing fresh business ideas. Adopt a more hands-on approach to test business concepts, using a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools and a structured process for turning ideas into market-ready solutions.

Avoid the risk of costly failures

This online course brings Lean Startup techniques to traditional companies. The tools we teach will reduce time-to-market and investment risks. This innovative approach has never been more necessary.

Become a learning organization

Systematically de-risk new business ideas and turn it into a habit that becomes part of your company’s DNA.

Industry specific content

Our interactive online modules are designed for maximum engagement. You will practice the methodology with cases tailored to your organization

Lifetime access to our tools and guides

We believe in the sharing of knowledge, which is why we make all of our tools and content available to your entire company.

Program overview

Entrepreneurship training for corporations: a practical course.

We’ve created this experiment design training to bring the tools and techniques of validated learning to your team.

A decade of creating and improving learning experiences for enterprises led us to develop a hybrid approach that combines self-paced online learning with live interactive sessions.

You can select from the different modules below. Talk to our learning expert to build a program that matches your needs.

We introduce you to the whys and whats that you can learn from startups. As a warm-up, we show participants inspiring examples of successful startups and corporations. We teach you how to adopt the entrepreneurial and venturing mindset of a startup: start small, experiment, get customers involved, learn from failures, and iterate.

  • Relevant cases studies
  • Discover the relevance of systematic testing for an established organization
  • Prioritize and refine hypotheses, and set up successful tests
  • Assumption mapping: test for desirability, viability, feasibility and corporate fit.

This module is all about validation: develop your idea and go out and test it in the real world. Learn how to engage other stakeholders early in your process and collect customer feedback with quick prototypes of your ideas. Finally, test business models, validate the results, and pivot, pivot, pivot…

  • Design experiments that produce strong evidence
  • Paper prototyping, learning from failure with inexpensive tools
  • Draw useful insights from a mix of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Test business models and pricing
  • Presentation of tips and tricks for a corporate context.
  • Pitch your business concept to engage stakeholders

This module is about choosing the right experiment, for the budget you have, and the type of hypothesis you’re testing. It is about testing in a remote context and mastering the tools to do so.

  • Basics of digital experimentation & growth hacking
  • Building a validation plan
  • Quick turnaround times of digital prototypes – you can create and test multiple versions in 1 day – allowing you to supercharge the speed of learnings
  • How to recruit customers that fit your targeted segment and test 100% remotely.

Board of Innovation will guide you through a training to build Design Thinking capability within your organization. Upfront knowledge of design thinking is not required. In our train-the-trainer module, you learn-by-doing! Every exercise is conducted by another participant and supported by feedback from the facilitator and the group. Participants will master Design Thinking skills, facilitation skills, and answering key questions.

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