Recruiting innovation talent

Hire the right talent for your innovation challenges


Recruiting innovation talent.

We are Board of Innovation’s specialized recruiting service focused on finding talent in innovation.

Whether you’re trying to fill a permanent role with someone with enough potential to grow to executive level, or a short-term role for launching that one program or product, whether you’re looking internally or externally, we will help you identify what exactly you’re looking for, and know where to scout them, how to engage them, and understand how to assess them.

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively hire your next innovation talent.


What to expect from our recruiting services.

accurate profiling

Understanding what key skills & mindsets exactly to look for in your specific corporate context & goals. Giving you the insights which individuals need to put their heads together for increasing your chances of success.


talent pool access

Sourcing from our global network of innovators. Giving you a trusted partner that understands what you are looking for and finds you the individuals & teams that will fuel your innovation engine.


Benefiting from our years of experience and working alongside technology partners delivering research based methods in screening and assessing specific key skills for innovators.


Program overview

Building your successful innovation teams.

We build upon the year long knowledge on supporting corporates to innovate in a start-up way. Our entire process is built around the idea of having the right resources for the goals and phase in which your project or organization is sitting in. This translates towards three main elements of assessment:

Innovation role fit

Depending on the stage or level of innovation, different attributes and skills become more critical for success. We identify and assess the required experience, skill-set and competencies that are needed for the job at hand. 

Each of them requiring a specific set of strengths.

  • ‘Entrepreneurs-in-residence’ profile: A lead to kick-start one of your concrete innovation projects.
  • ‘Innovation executive’ profile: A lead to build a clear innovation vision and strategy, able to transform the vision into concrete steps for implementation. Strongest skill: visionary.
  • ‘Innovation manager’ profile: A strong managerial coordinator, that guarantees progress on a portfolio or projects.
  • ‘Innovation coach’ profile: Ambassadors to bring an innovative culture and methods towards your organization, coaching and supporting innovation project teams.

Company culture fit

Finding the right skill set is only one element of a valuable profile, having a match with your corporate DNA is a must for long term success and will always be taken into account when searching your right candidate.

Team fit

Having an understanding of what strengths are (already) available in the team, crystalizes which complementary skills you should be looking for in a new role. We can help in mapping this through validated team assessments.



Innovation talent recruiting

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