Innovation manager coaching.

A 6-month training program for innovation managers: build sustainable innovation capabilities.


Up-skill your innovation managers.

Innovation managers play a fundamental role in leading corporate innovation. They bring context, frame lessons, and lead the team towards results. Innovation coaches are both your quality gatekeepers, and are responsible for keeping up the innovation team’s momentum. 

With the growing need for innovation, corporations are assigning resources to dedicated innovation roles. However, new innovation managers don’t automatically have all of the necessary skills. External coaching might be the solution for getting your innovation managers trained in the skills they’ll need.

We help you build internal expertise by re-skilling your innovation department with our innovation manager training. In this talent-development program, we help innovation managers accelerate initiatives pragmatically.
Over the years, we have learned the key differences between startup and corporate innovation coaching. Our coaching sessions for innovation managers merge the two worlds by tailoring startup methods to the specifics of large corporations.
“Knowing how hard it is to innovate is still something else than experiencing it. Most interesting and exciting development journey I followed to date! Thanks!”
John Denutte, Program Management & Business Transformation, ING Belgium

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What to expect from our innovation manager coaching program.



We make innovation managers aware of shifting paradigms and new trends in your industry. Inspired by future-thinking, they’ll be promoters for new ways of working and new drivers of value. 



10 years of experience in hundreds of organizations has exposed us to every kind of team dynamic. We support team dynamics and internal politics that boost innovation instead of constraining it.



We’ll provide your innovation managers with the most actionable, impactful tools and frameworks. We don’t push any particular methodology. Instead, we scientifically blend the best of design thinking, lean startup, and agile methodologies with existing frameworks in your company.

Program overview

A fast-paced and action-biased 6-month coaching program.

Learn to apply creative techniques and understand the most cutting-edge innovation methods and frameworks to coaching for innovation leaders.

Modules can be mixed and matched. The innovation manager training programs are most effective if followed in small pieces spread out over a longer timeframe. You can opt for one or two modules or the entire package of 4 consecutive modules spread over 6 months.

A module takes 2 to 3 days on average. Between modules, participants should commit around 5-10% of their time to integrate their lessons on the job. The final goal is to create a strong network of internal innovation management capabilities.

Between modules, the innovation managers can:

  • Apply the new techniques, lessons, and methodologies to the job
  • Share peer-to-peer lessons in an internal innovation manager community
  • Practice stakeholder management
  • Get additional business coaching if necessary

It all starts with the right mindset. Coach for innovation in non-obvious ways by applying creative coaching techniques. Consider the role of an innovation manager as a change facilitator with the goal of bringing optimism and the right innovation practices to your organization.

Know the basics before coaching for innovation. What is innovation, and what are the main innovation patterns? What sets innovation apart from simple creativity? What’s the difference between startup and corporate innovation? Know how to mitigate the challenges of bringing innovation to your organization, and how to hire the right innovation capabilities for your organization.

  • Skills of an innovation manager/coach
  • Innovation managers versus innovation coaches
  • Creative coaching techniques
  • Innovation in a corporate environment vs. at a startup
  • Coaching startup projects in a corporate environment

Innovation is not a one-off job to be done, but a continuous journey. There are several ways to build innovation into your organization.
Understand the difference between the  design thinking, lean startup, and agile models and apply the right methodology in the right context.

  • Design thinking crash course
  • Lean startup
  • Fundamentals of agile
  • Which methodology is the best fit for your organization?

How do you improve innovation in an organization? How do you invigorate innovation in a stagnant organization? Build towards the most appropriate strategy to bring innovation to your company.

  • Innovation mission statement and DNA
  • Innovation matrix and the 4 archetypes
  • Innovation metrics
  • How, when, and with whom should this be defined?

Building an innovative company starts with building the right capabilities within the organization.

Learn the coaching basics (coaching models and people growth), the different team dynamics, and the right techniques for learning and development. Using active role-playing and coaching, we guide innovation managers to become innovation coaches and drive cultural change through creative design and effective delivery.

  • Understand current culture and personality profiles
  • Coaching basics
  • How to deal with stubborn teams
  • Effective stakeholder management

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Trusted by Fortune 500 and global innovators.

Board of Innovation makes Fortune 500 corporations innovate like startups, mixing proven methods from design thinking and lean startup strategies.

Innovation manager coaching.


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