Innovation for executives.

A 1-day training session for executives: enable innovation and accelerate growth by understanding what your teams are going through and how you can support them.


Become an enabler for innovation.

Transforming your organization into an innovation engine requires a strong balance between the top and the bottom. Management often sets the strategies, but what’s next? How do you build leadership innovation?

What is the role of leadership in an innovative organization? 
Innovation means time, a superpowered team, and often a new way of working. Transformation is a marathon requiring practice, as well as blood, sweat, and tears.

A key factor in finishing this marathon is commitment from the top. Yes, that means from you as an executive. If you understand what your teams are going through, you can accelerate their growth by asking the right questions and giving the occasional pat on the back.

Innovation for executives
Join our executive innovation program and become an enabler for innovation. We’ll guide you through the tools and structure to familiarize you the type of program your teams are going through. Prior knowledge is not required because you’ll learn by doing. We also prepare you for the typical pitfalls and teach you how to answer key questions.


Is our innovation for executives program what your company is looking for?

Customer Centric


After this innovation training for executives, you’ll be able to define a strategy and a format fit to your organization. d



This session will boost and further develop your executive innovation capabilities. 

BE a valuable support

After this session, you’ll be able to offer valuable support to your teams to help with  their innovation flow. 


accelerate growth

This training will provide you with all the knowledge and sponsor power needed to further accelerate your innovation process. 

Program overview

Transform your organization into an innovation engine.

The innovation for executives session is a 1-day training program that includes:

  • Importance of having your own innovation pipeline
  • Challenges and lessons from corporate innovation pioneers (Philips, GE, ING, Orange, and more)
  • Preliminary conditions for a return on innovation (including one terminology, top-level sponsorship, innovation metrics, external network)
  • Small teams work out a case from nothing to executive pitch in less than 2 hours
  • Real-time simulation with interviews, insight mapping, prototyping, solution testing, and advice
  • Decision-making techniques for uncertain business cases.
  • Why the most efficient companies are optimized to kill every new initiative, and what you can do about it.
  • Role play on innovation biases and how to support your innovation teams

We can condense the program down to 3 hours for small teams of C-level leaders with severe time constraints.

Innovation for executives

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