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After running innovation programs with countless Fortune 500 companies for over a decade, we’ve developed a robust methodology that simplifies the complexity behind the business model design, lean startup, design thinking and innovation strategy.

Our trainings compile all of our experience combined with content tailored to your organization. We design custom courses that are interactive, hands-on learning experiences that can be designed as a stand-alone course or a larger transformation program. All our courses are geared towards direct business impact and are relevant for a broad spectrum of departments: product managers, marketing, leadership, new business developers, trainees, etc.

Our main principles

No capability building without business impact.
We leverages your key assets and frameworks rather than sticking to theory. Participants solve your companies’ challenges while they learn.

Open-source business model.
We believe in the sharing of knowledge, which is why
we provide all of our tools and content with your team
throughout the program.

Our programs grow over time. Feedback loops with both participants and sponsors insure the incorporation of continuous improvements to the learning modules. We drive results through collaboration!


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Design thinking

Design thinking

A human-centered and creative problem-solving approach to crafting products and services that customers will love.
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Business model innovation

Business model innovation

Find new ways to create value through business model innovation.
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Growth mindset

Growth mindset

Enable innovation and accelerate growth by understanding what your teams are going through and how you can support them.
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training program

Innovation & creativity training

The mindset, tools, and techniques to find new ideas for your business.

An extremely enriching & methodologically structured experience which completely shifts the usual corporate mindset into a flexible, start-up minded and customer oriented innovation approach!

Benjamin Deschamps: ING - Head of Change and Transformation (Fiducre)

Future-proof innovation and creativity training for corporations

This workshop is ideal for any team that wants to generate new disruptive ideas for products and services within a large enterprise.

The workshop is also optimal for any team that wants to challenge the prevailing mindset in their corporation.

Innovation is happening faster and faster in the marketplace. Products are replaced by services and new competition arises from the most obscure places. 

The ability to understand where innovations come from gives large organizations the power to respond to these changes in unconventional ways.

By applying creative techniques to real business challenges and learning new hands-on tools, people can broaden their mindsets and learn to break out of the box during their day-to-day activities.

What to expect from our innovation and creativity training?


This training nudges participants out of their comfort zones to explore the uncharted territories of business that will be the norm in the future. Teams will learn to get rid of their preconceptions and adopt a Design Thinking mindset. In this workshop, participants must challenge their thinking processes and discover new ways to generate new ideas. 


Participants will walk away with new perspectives that will boost creative performance. They will deeply understand their users’ world and acquire a variety of innovation tools to generate new solutions and business ideas. The goal of the training is to focus on users and their problems, and to question the way you think, through a continuous, interactive, and reflective Q&A session.

training program

Design thinking training

A human-centered and creative problem-solving approach to crafting products and services that customers will love.

Board of Innovation is experienced in the design thinking process, not only on coaching but also in driving results. They invested lots of effort to understand the Chinese culture and our business background to come up with a tailor-made process.

Ivy Yang: Danone Waters - Marketing Director

Design thinking training for corporations (B2B/B2C).

The Design Thinking process was introduced by IDEO and perfected by researchers at Stanford. This training is user-driven innovation at its best, perfect for companies that want to discover hidden opportunities in a specific market segment. 

Why is Design Thinking so important today? Over 40% of startups fail because there is no market need for what they offer. That’s why the development of every new product or service must start with a deep understanding of your customers.

What to expect from our design thinking training?


Inspire your team about Design Thinking methodologies, with proven cases and a complete set of tools.



Learn how to craft insight statements to disclose customer needs worth addressing.



Inject your team with a customer-centric mindset to make sure your products and services meet your customers’ needs.


Learn how to map and validate assumptions so you can build innovation on proven hypotheses.



Adopt a structured approach to uncovering the needs of your clients.



Make your new ideas tangible by talking less and prototyping more.

training program

Business model innovation training

Find new ways to create value through business model innovation.

Many of our internal and external venturing activities are testing new business models to solve some wicked problems in the healthcare domain. We build a capability by combining existing internal experiences and external expertise

Perry Nouwens: Philips - Innovation Lead

Training workshop in business model design.

Research has shown that business model innovation can create up to 25 times the competitive advantage of more traditional product and process innovation. However, only 17% of companies have looked at their business model and compared it with the competition. It’s time to shift focus to what matters most.

Today, more and more people are talking about business model innovation, looking to successful examples like Nespresso and Google.

But what exactly is business model innovation? How can your organization benefit from it, and how do you get started? Get practical answers and instant inspiration in this training program.

Business model innovation training is ideal for people working on (disruptive) new products and services within a larger enterprise.

What to expect from our business model innovation training?


Participants will learn how entire industries are shifting through business model changes. They learn to analyze and visualize how competitors make money and what to copy from them. New business models are validated by setting up experiments.


Participants will learn hands-on tools that help them generate new business models. By using tools in real business challenges, we make sure the mindset and methodologies get transferred to the ongoing business.

training program

Lean startup training

Inject your business with lean startup strategies, intrapreneurship, and venturing skills with this quick, intensive training program.

Board of Innovation brought an experienced perspective which challenged even the most hardened business developer among us. They helped us to identify new opportunities and ways to speed up our projects

Tim Kidd: DSM - Innovation Excellence Manager

Empowering teams to innovate faster and more efficiently.

Startups often have the same goals as traditional companies, but a different approach: they are fast and able to transform entire industries with little money. 

The bestselling book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries raised global awareness of the key factors behind the enormous growth of the most successful startups.

Our Lean Startup workshop takes you through the whole startup growth cycle, from getting an accurate understanding of customers’ needs, to the creation of business prototypes.

This workshop is designed for managers working on (disruptive) new products and services within a larger enterprise. Ideal profiles for this workshop include:

Is our Lean Startup training right for you?


Participants will walk away from this training with a new mindset about developing fresh business ideas. The goal is to adopt a more hands-on approach to innovation projects, using a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools and a structured process for turning ideas into market-ready solutions.


This corporate innovation training brings Lean Startup techniques to traditional companies. The tools we teach will reduce time-to-market and investment risks. The time to adopt this innovative approach is now.

training program

Growth mindset

An intensive training session for executives: accelerate growth in your organization by becoming an innovation enabler.

Board of Innovation’s collaboration has been critical in helping building the (innovation) strategy. Their workshop preparation, cross industry knowledge and facilitation skills helped us to gain insights, define ways forward for a 3 year roadmap

Malcolm Martiatu Franco: Novartis - Head of capability building

Become a growth enabler.

Transforming your organization into an innovation engine requires a strong balance between the top and the bottom. But what is the role of leadership in an innovative organization? 

Innovation means time, a superpowered team, and often a new way of working. Transformation is a marathon requiring practice, as well as blood, sweat, and tears.

A key factor in finishing this marathon is commitment from the top. Yes, that means from you as an executive. If you understand what your teams are going through, you can accelerate their growth by asking the right questions.

Growth mindset for executives
Join our growth mindset program and become an innovation enabler. We’ll guide you through the tools and structure to familiarize you the type of programs your innovation teams are running. Prior knowledge is not required because you’ll learn by doing. We also prepare you for the typical pitfalls and teach you how to answer key questions.

Is our growth mindset training for executives what your company is looking for?


After this innovation training for executives, you’ll be able to define a strategy and a format fit to your organization. 



This session will boost and further develop your executive innovation capabilities. 



After this session, you’ll be able to offer valuable support to your teams to help with  their innovation flow. 



This training will provide you with all the knowledge and sponsor power needed to further accelerate your innovation process. 

training program

Train the trainer

Empower your internal coaches to spread innovation in your organization.

Board of innovation is an amazing company to work with. They are experienced in global business transformations and have been a true partner for us in every step of our journey

Clara Miranda Escribano: ING bank - Global Innovation Methodology & Service Design Lead

Building innovation capability in your organization.

Our innovation consultants can train your coaches on the full array of innovation tools and techniques that we use in our own innovation programs. Every train-the-trainer session is custom-made to fit the innovation maturity level of your organization.

We run train-the-trainer sessions with as few as three or as many as 25 people. Here’s a typical scenario: you need to train 10 people to support your own innovation accelerator, lab, or bootcamp program. They will need to coach your internal start-up teams. That’s where we come in.

After a train-the-trainer session with us, your internal coaches will receive all the templates and tools we used during the program, as well as the different use cases for all the tools. You’ll also get tips on how to coach other people to use these techniques internally. They’ll be ready to tackle the typical pitfalls and the many questions people will have.

Is our train-the-trainer program right for you?


This program will train anywhere from three to 25 internal experts at your organization, so they can scale your innovation efforts and capabilities without our further support. Basically, we pass you the baton, and you take it from there. 



After this session, your internal coaches will receive all the templates and tools used during the program.


We don’t waste time on endless theory. This program uses ongoing innovation projects as a gym to exercise innovation capabilities.

Trusted by Fortune500
and global innovators.


In-house training

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