Design thinking training

A human-centered and creative problem-solving approach to crafting products and services that customers will love.


Design thinking training for corporations (B2B/B2C).

The Design Thinking process was introduced by IDEO and perfected by researchers at Stanford. This training is user-driven innovation at its best, perfect for companies that want to discover hidden opportunities in a specific market segment. 

Why is Design Thinking so important today? Over 40% of startups fail because there is no market need for what they offer. That’s why the development of every new product or service must start with a deep understanding of your customers.


What you can expect from our design thinking training.


Design Thinking capabilities

Inspire your team about Design Thinking methodologies, with proven cases and a complete set of tools.


Customer-centric culture

Inject your team with a customer-centric mindset to make sure your products and services meet your customers’ needs.


Empathizing with the customers and uncovering unmet needs

Adopt a structured approach to uncovering the needs of your clients.

Crafting insight statements

Learn how to craft insight statements to disclose customer needs worth addressing.


De-risked innovation process

Learn how to map and validate assumptions so you can build innovation on proven hypotheses.


Rapid prototyping and experimentation

Make your new ideas tangible by talking less and prototyping more.

Program overview

An action-focused innovation event that won’t let you just sit and listen!

We’ve created this Design Thinking training to bring the tools and techniques of the Design Thinking approach to your team. You can select from our different modules to build a program that matches your needs. The program produces an extensive customer journey for one or multiple customer personas, ultimately discovering customer problems that would be valuable to solve.

Board of Innovation goes through the 5 phases of Design Thinking and shows you how easily you can prototype just about anything. The tools we use provide structure in our dynamic training. We end by exploring inspiring case studies in Design Thinking cases.


  • Understand the basics of Design Thinking
  • Customer-centric mindset
  • Tools to apply on the job

You’ll learn by doing! On the first day, we focus on exploring the problem phase of Design Thinking. The participants experience what it means to actively empathize with customers and generate valuable insights. On the second day, the team learns to master the skills of ideation. Next, there is a strong focus on prototyping and testing. Finally, we explore more inspiring cases of Design Thinking!


  • Ability to apply design thinking on-the-job
  • Customer-centric and out-of-the-box mindset
  • Tools to apply on-the-job

Board of Innovation guides you through a workshop on building different experiments to test your solution ideas. We start with highlighting the assumptions that can make or break your idea. Next, we build a solution experiment using digital experimentation tools and a plan of attack for validation.


  • Understanding of experimentation
  • Tangible experiments
  • Feedback from test-user base

Board of Innovation will guide you through a training to build Design Thinking capability within your organization. Upfront knowledge of design thinking is not required. In our train-the-trainer module, you learn-by-doing! Every exercise is conducted by another participant and supported by feedback from the facilitator and the group. Participants will master Design Thinking skills, facilitation skills, and answering key questions.


  • Experienced Design Thinking coaches

Design thinking training

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Client cases

Trusted by Fortune 500 and global innovators.

Board of Innovation makes Fortune 500 companies innovate like startups, mixing proven methods from design thinking and lean startup strategies.

The Board of Innovation team invested lots of effort to understand the Chinese culture and our business background to come up with a tailor-made process.

Ivy Yang, Associated Director Marketing, Danone Waters China

New concepts for the Chinese market with Danone

How we helped Danone create 8 food and beverage concepts for the Chinese market while training staff in practical business design methodologies.

Transformation program for Proximus

Design thinking transformation program for Proximus, first telco in Belgium.