Design thinking training

Introduce your team to the design thinking process, and give them hands-on experience with the different methods and tools it involves.

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Design thinking training for corporations (B2B & B2C).

The design thinking methodology was introduced by IDEO, perfected by researchers at Stanford, and implemented in organizations across the globe by us. User-driven innovation at its best, this approach is perfect for companies looking to discover hidden opportunities in a specific market segment.

We’ll tailor this training program to your organization and ensure it’s engaging from start to finish. You’ll learn from design thinking examples specific to your industry and enjoy a custom online course that’s interactive and hands-on. The e-course can be either stand-alone or developed to complement a larger transformation program.

Our design thinking training program (which we offer online and offline) is geared towards direct business impact. This course is most relevant for product managers, sales, marketing, leadership, (new) business developers, and trainees.

The best design thinking training we’ve built so far.

All the design thinking tools around

Learn which design thinking method works best for each challenge you face.

Customer-centric culture

Our design thinking classes will inject your team with a human-centered mindset to make sure your products, and services meet customers’ needs.

Empathy to uncover unmet needs

Our design thinking trainer will teach you the best tools for uncovering new client problems to solve.

How to craft insight statements

Learn how to craft insight statements to disclose customer needs worth addressing.

How design thinking can de-risk innovation

Using this process to map and validate assumptions, you can build innovations using proven hypotheses.

How to find ideas through experimentation

Make your new ideas tangible by talking less and prototyping more.


An interactive online design thinking course.

We created this design thinking training program to give your team hands-on experience using the tools and techniques of the design thinking approach to benefit your organization.

A decade of building and improving learning experiences for enterprises led us to develop our hybrid approach which combines self-paced online learning with live interactive sessions.
You will learn the design thinking methodology using examples tailored to your organization.

You can select from the different modules below. Talk to our design thinking trainer to build a program that matches your needs.

Board of Innovation goes through the 5 phases of design thinking and shows you how easily you can prototype just about anything. We start from the basic definition of design thinking, explain all the different design thinking steps. Then we explore inspiring Design Thinking cases and examples.

Training results

  • Understand the meaning of design thinking
  • Adopt a customer-centric mindset
  • Learn design thinking tools to apply on the job

Learn by doing! In this training module, we focus on exploring the problem phase of design thinking. The participants experience what it means to actively empathize with customers and generate valuable insights. On the agenda for the second training day, the team learns to master the skills of ideation. Next, there is a strong focus on prototyping and testing. Finally, we explore more inspiring design thinking examples (PPT/PDF downloads will be made available).

Training results

  • Ability to apply design thinking on the job
  • A customer-centric and out-of-the-box mindset
  • The design thinking process made tangible

In this part of our design thinking workshop, we train you to build different experiments to test your solution ideas. We begin by highlighting the assumptions that can make or break your idea. Next, we build a solution experiment using digital experimentation tools and develop a plan of attack for validation.

Training Results

  • Knowledge of experimentation
  • Tangible experiments
  • Feedback from a test user-base

We’ll teach you how to build design thinking capabilities within your own organization. Upfront knowledge of design thinking is not required. In this train-the-trainer module, you’ll learn by doing! Everything on the workshop’s agenda will be presented/taught by participants and supported by feedback from the facilitator and the group. Participants will master facilitation and design thinking skills, and learn to answer key questions.

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