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Cars are already driving themselves, teenagers are building billion-dollar companies, and pharmaceuticals are getting smarter. Perhaps in the future we won’t be using cash anymore, we’ll be able to rent a body for a day, and technology will enable men to get pregnant.

As an innovation agency, we always look toward the future. If you’re organizing a conference or you want to get your team inspired, we’ll be glad to give you a taste of how innovation and intrapreneurship could enhance your business.


What to expect from our speakers.


New trends in your industry

Trend-spotting is the art of analyzing the direction that the world and consumers are taking. In effect, it means predicting what to expect in the future.


Innovation examples to copy

Need inspiration? 80% of innovative business ideas come from analogy thinking. The best source of inspiration is to watch what true innovators are doing and learn from their successes.


Actionable tools and techniques

We don’t like purely theoretical keynote presentations or speeches without a concrete call to action. Our keynotes include tools, resources, and actionable tips that everyone in the audience can put into use right away.

Program overview

What topic do you choose for your innovation keynote?

Our speakers have covered many different topics surrounding corporate innovation, future trends, capability building, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, innovation transformation, and crazy innovative business models. These are some of our favorite outlines, but feel free to reach out if you have a different crazy idea in mind.

Innovation is people at work. What mindset does your organization need in order to set up your innovation strategy? What governance structure do you need to set up? When you choose people to participate in your innovation program, what criteria should you use? How do you manage expectations within the organization?

Examples of tools

  • Scoping matrix (set targets)
  • Innovation culture checklist
  • Demolition canvas
  • How to scope ambitions and goals
  • Innovation accounting
  • Define success criteria

Creativity is more than just a game or a gimmick. What triggers can you use to unlock creativity and discover trends, new technology, and more? To answer this question, we look to some of the principles used in Design Thinking, such as using empathy to start an ideation process.

In order to move from a high-level idea to a concrete concept, you need to understand all the concept’s underlying assumptions. To understand this, we draw on the Lean Startup model and look at how you can use validated information to improve ideas. During this keynote, we show the crucial importance of validation of a generic startup idea to a powerful business proposition that is desirable, viable, and feasible.

Examples of tools

  • Solution and problem interviews checklist
  • Experiment mapping (template)
  • Innovation battlefield framework
  • Paper/digital prototyping tools
  • Lean canvas/experiment board
  • Experimentation tools (B2B & B2C)
  • Decision making (set priorities)

Once your internal startup is ready to go to market, you’ll need a new set of skills. At this stage, people get trained in different innovative methods to evaluate the success of early-stage business development. Discover how to use growth hacking and practical client research services to take the first steps in the market.

Examples of tools

  • Roadmap builder
  • Investor persona sheets
  • Team designer (skills)
  • Stakeholder checklist
  • Hands-on project management tools
  • Tracking of assumptions and iterations


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