Over 1 million people use our tools and methods to grow their organization, ensure revenue, and deliver an amazing customer experience. We specialize in the creation and implementation of custom-made learning solutions for enterprises.


Invest in a future-proof workforce by training them to

Our main principles

Training with business impact.
We’ll leverage your key assets and frameworks rather than sticking to theory. Participants will actively solve your organization’s challenges while they learn.

Practical toolkits.
We’ll provide your team with the customized tools and content they’ll need to benefit of your organization going forward.

Our programs grow over time. Feedback loops with both participants and sponsors ensure our learning modules continuously improve. We drive results through collaboration!

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Interactive online courses

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A decade of creating and improving learning experiences for enterprises led us to develop a hybrid approach that combines self-paced online learning with live interactive sessions.

Want to upskill your team in a range of different areas? Let one of our Acadamy experts know. They’ll combine the topics you’re looking for to create a tailored learning program suited to your unique needs.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
& global innovators.

Board of Innovation is an independent strategy and business design agency that uses proven methods.

100+ TotalEnergies executives trained in Design Thinking

Hands-on training in design thinking for management and talents in TotalEnergies.

Building internal capabilities for ING

Innovation transformation program, train-the-trainer tracks, and corporate accelerators: tailored initiatives to keep ING an innovation-driven company.

Building an innovation culture within Thomson Reuters

How-to-startup coaching for global intrapreneurs in Thomson Reuters.