Lean startup training.

Inject your business with lean startup strategies using this 2-day training in the intrapreneurship and venturing mindset.


Empowering teams to innovate faster and more efficiently.

Startups often have the same goals as traditional companies, but a different approach: they are fast and able to transform entire industries with little money. 

The bestselling book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries raised global awareness of the key factors behind the monstrous growth of the most successful startups.

Our 2-day lean startup training program turns the best insights from the book into structured, actionable tools your team can use directly in your ongoing innovation projects. These tools will reduce time-to-market and investment risks.

Our 2-day lean startup workshop takes you through the whole startup growth cycle, from getting an accurate understanding of customers’ needs, to the creation of business prototypes.

The workshop is designed for managers working on (disruptive) new products and services within a larger enterprise. Ideal profiles for this workshop include:

  • New business developers
  • Product managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Soon-to-be intrapreneurs
  • Marketing (new products)
  • Trainees and new graduates
“The session was very useful. We acquired direct applicable knowledge. The feedback of my colleagues was also unanimously positive!”
Henk-Jan Engelhardt, Finance, Waag Society

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Is our lean startup training right for you?


Turn your managers into intrapreneurs

Participants will walk away from this training with a new mindset about developing fresh business ideas. The goal is to adopt a more hands-on approach to innovation projects, using a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools and a structured process for turning ideas into market-ready solutions.


Learn how to apply Lean Startup techniques

This corporate innovation training brings lean startup techniques to traditional companies. The tools we teach will reduce time-to-market and investment risks. It’s time to adopt this innovative approach!


Entre-preneurship training for corporations: a practical course.

Day 1

Idea generation

On day 1 we introduce you to the whys and whats that you can learn from startups. As a warm-up we show participants inspiring examples of successful startups and corporations. We teach you how to adopt the intrapreneurial and venturing mindset of a startup: start small, experiment, get customers involved, learn from failures, and iterate.

  • Introduction to the lean startup methodology
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Paper prototyping, learning from failure with inexpensive tools
  • Designing new ideas and making them tangible!

Day 2

Focused on validation

Day 2 is all about validation: develop your idea and go out to test in the real world. Learn how to engage other stakeholders early in your process and collect customer feedback with quick prototypes of your ideas. Finally, test business models, validate the results, and pivot, pivot, pivot…

  • Engage stakeholders
  • Get customer feedback with prototypes
  • Test business models
  • Validate results
  • Presentation tips and tricks
  • Pitch your business concept

*Optional pizza startup session included (pizza-evening the start-up way, between Day 1 and 2)  to boost your team with a fun and entrepreneurial mindset.

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Lean startup training.

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