Tailor-made online courses to level up your innovation knowledge.


Our innovation training, now on video.

Many organizations have thousands of employees across the globe. To level up the innovation knowledge of these people, it could be difficult to organize bootcamps everywhere. 

That’s why we created tailor-made online courses. These interactive video lessons are co-created together with you and your learning & development leads.  

While the main course can be followed remotely, we still recommend having smaller offline meetups in between. In between digital e-course modules, offline workshops ensure higher commitment and alignment and allow for discussion and connection between talents. 

Knowledge is just one piece of the puzzle: together we will look for the most relevant topics & format that fits with your organization and culture. 

“The lecture was high on learning value and the examples and concepts discussed were highly realistic and intelligent. The insights and knowledge gained will definitely help all of us whether we establish our own start ups or work in bigger companies.”
Abhishek Lal, Event Manager, The Entrepreneurship Summit


All our actionable innovation expertise, made digital.


hands-on innovation coaching

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the most practical frameworks for innovation. These methods can be applied to their own projects while following the course. We prefer actionable tools and step-by-step guides over theory and manuals.

PDF and Templates of the tools

All course material, including all PDF’s and templates, will be made available for download. This allows you to further develop the skills gained during the course. 


flexible, 360-degrees coaching

At their own pace, participants will be able to learn all the ins & out of innovation. 

Program overview

Pick the modules you need in your tailored video e-course.

The exact list of topics can be chosen out of our different training modules. Every topic is being split up in mini-sessions of 10-20 minutes. Participants can choose how many of these chapters they follow per week. 

Below we’ve gathered some examples of topics we covered. 

  • Design Thinking in B2B & B2C
  • Empathy & user
  • Observation
    • On-street-validation vs B2B
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Opportunity scans
    • Tech & trends scan
    • Market & startup scan
    • Assets valorization scan
  • Sources for inspiration
  • Cross-industry cases
  • Explore new ideas
    Intro: creativity & out-of-the-box thinking
  • Ideation techniques
    • Ideation tools
    • Hybrid brainstorm techniques
    • Co-creation workshop
  • Design solutions
    • Value proposition & service design
  • Prototyping/testing: validation & experimentation
    • Lean B2B
    • Assumption thinking
    • Problem & solution interview checklists
    • Experiment design
    • Lean analytics
    • Prototyping tools
    • Intro to growth hacking
  • Business model design
    • What is business modeling?
    • Business model kit (stakeholders & value exchanges)
    • Business model canvas
    • Revenue model options (decision tree)
    • Value perception of features
    • Pricing tactics (experiments)
    • Ballpark financial plan
    • How to benchmark (competitors)
    • Market segmentation
  • Investment case development & how to pitch
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Venture building
  • Coaching basics
    • Coaching models
    • Creating joint vision
    • Building a safe climate
    • Guiding people growth
  • Behavior
    • Biases
    • Ask without suggesting
    • Feedback
    • Advice based decision
  • Team dynamics
    • Addressing behavior
    • Conflict resolving
    • Team development
    • Structural dynamics
  • Learning & development
    • Learning design
    • Habit formation
    • Neuroscience
    • Psychology
    • Cultural change
  • Design
    • Presentation design
    • Toolkit development
    • Materials & space
    • Delivery
      • Facilitation
      • Pitching
      • Storytelling
      • Managing an audience
      • To-the-point answers
      • Creative facilitation

Client cases

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