Business model innovation.

Find new ways to create value through business model innovation.


Training workshop in business model design.

Research has shown that business model innovation can create up to 25 times the competitive advantage compared to product and process innovation. However, only 17% of the companies have looked at their business model and compared it with the competitors. It’s time to change focus on what matters the most.

Today, more and more people are talking about business model innovation, bringing successful stories like Nespresso and Google as an example. 

But what exactly is business model innovation (BMI)? How can my organization benefit from it? And how do I get started? Get practical answers and instant inspiration in this 2-day training program.

A business model innovation training is ideal for people working on (disruptive) new products & services within a large enterprise:

  • New business developer
  • Product manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Marketing (new products)
  • Trainees
“The Board of Innovation team invested lots of effort to understand the Chinese culture and our business background to come up with a tailor-made process.”
Ivy Yang, Associated Director Marketing, Danone Waters China

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What to expect from a business model innovation training.


Learn how to design new business models

Participants will be inspired by lots of examples and will walk away with creative mindsets that will boost their performance.


Get access to the most effective tools for Business Model Innovation

Participants will use hands-on tools that will help them to generate new business models. By using tools in real business challenges, we assure that mindset and methodologies are transferred into the ongoing business.

Program overview

2-day in-company training program.

The business model innovation training is a 2-day program focused on creativity and idea generation.

What & why of business model innovation:

  • Inspiring warming-up examples of successful startups and corporates.
  • How complete sectors are changing.
  • What is a business model?
  • How is it relevant to us?

How-to: business model creativity tools.

Business model patterns:

  • Which patterns can we learn from?
  • Freemium, broker, ad-based … models.
  • Business model cocktails: how stable industries are changing.

Interactive workshop and pitching session:

  • Designing new business models
 (in groups) – evaluation of concepts.
  • Pitching of the results.
  • Round-up session.

Client cases

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Business model innovation.

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